Who should replace Maszlee as education minister?


Now that Maszlee Malik has resigned as education minister, attention has turned to who will succeed him in the hot seat.

Let’s hear from you who should replace him and raise the standard of education in the country. Please leave your suggestions in the comments below and explain your choice.

Whoever succeeds Maszlee has a huge job on his or her hands. How to improve the standard of education? Well, Dr Francis Loh has analysed the main problems with our education system: it is too centralised and too politicised. Teachers should need more autonomy to tailor lessons to their pupils, he adds.

Francis suggests that we take a look at how the tiny nation of Estonia has transformed its education system into one of the world’s best (see the video above). Read his timely article “How to reform Malaysia’s ailing educational system” on the Aliran website.

Apart from this, we really need to look at the criteria for selection of teachers and teacher trainers. In Finland, another country with a top education system, teachers are selected from the top 10% of graduates, and teaching is a highly sought after career.

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Bayi Yoda

My vote goes to Mdm Siti Kassim ad Education Minister.
What say you?
MAJU be part of Hatapan line up first.

Rajindar Singh

I honestly don’t know where to start. Form 2 commissions of enquiry, one each for tertiary and non tertiary education. All the findings and recommendations of the 2 commission of enquiry be debated and endorsed by the parliament after vetting by a bipartisan parliamentary select committee. All endorsed recommendations should then be implemented. The Malaysian education system is in a mess, there is no easy fix. It will take a year or so to complete this exercise. But the biggest problem would be its implementation. So part of the mandate of the commissions will be to recommend a new structure… Read more »


Possibly job rotation among Bersatu ministers. Thst Flying Car ministet may take over to ptomote Malaysia Boleh spirit among Malaysian students.


As another blogger emphasised, Mazlee was wholly out of his element, and this suggests that his backward moves through religion and language had the full backing of the PM. It is like the talk of integrity, blah-blah… Yet, the PM has taken away Kazanah and PNB from Finance for himself. I would not have complained if he had given it to a competent Economics Minister. Compared to S’pore, the cabinet is a mess. There are so many ministers in charge of the “economy” that is going downhill. He has even dared to try to justify ‘negotiated’ contrcts that violate the… Read more »