Mahidol University and Pornthip


Now here’s some information about Pornthip’s academic background, her career and Mahidol University’s status to enlighten a certain lawyer.

Times Higher Educ Supplement (THES) Rankings:

2009 World Universities Rankings:
Mahidol ranked at 101 (Life Sciences & Biomedicine)
Mahidol ranked at 220 (Overall)

2010 Asian Universities Rankings:
Mahidol placed at 18 (Life Sciences & Biomedicine)
Mahidol placed at 28 (Overall).

Thanks to blog reader Phua Kai Lit for looking that up.

Also, have a look at the full Asian ranking here and find out where Mahidol University and the Malaysian universities stand.

Having said that, bear in mind the caveat on such ranking systems.

And this is from the Who’s Who in Thailand:

Director of the Forensic Science Institute, Ministry of Justice and human rights activist

Name in Thai: พรทิพย์ โรจนสุนันท์
Date of Birth: 1955-12-21
Place of Birth: Bangkok


1979 Medical Doctor, Faculty of Medicine Ramathibodi Hospital, Mahidol University
1998 Forensic Anthropology, Armed Forces Institute of Pathology Washington, DC, USA
1999 Forensic Pathology จาก Armed Forces Institute of Pathology Washington, DC สหรัฐอเมริกา


1980 Resident doctor at Phra Buddhachinaraj Hospital, Pitsanulok
1990 Lecturer on Pathology at Ramathibodi Hospital, Mahidol University
2003 Deputy Director of the Forensic Science Institute, Ministry of Justice
2008 Director of the Forensic Science Institute, Ministry of Justice


2003 Conferred with royal decoration Chulchomklao (fourth degree) and the title “Khunying”

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According to Ranking Web of World Universities, January 2010, Mahidol is ranked 4th in the Top SE Asia Universities.

Perhaps, Pornthip had meant top 5 in SE Asia. Obviously, none of Malaysian universities is anywhere near Mahidol.


Would appreciate it if somebody can enlighten us with information of the ACADEMIC (hopefully it is not just POLITICAL) credentials of the DPP. I can’t seem to find anything online.


Looks like the … Gangsters like to abolish all Govt. subsidies to chinese and indian and missionary schools. Agreed .JUST LIKE THE THAIS, THE INDONS AND SINGAPORE.


Please note that from autumn 2010, Times Higher Education will publish an entirely new list of World University Rankings, using a more detailed methodology and data provided by Thomson Reuters. Please see the following link for more details:

We would appreciate it if you could make the necessary amendments to your web story as soon as possible, informing us once this has taken place.

To keep up to date with the latest news on the 2010 Times Higher Education World University Rankngs, please log on to our website or follow us on twitter:

Sandiwara XYZ

Thanks to M… and his team of little Napoleans who created this bunch of MEDIOCRE PROFESSIONALS, who could only survive in the PUBLIC S, but never in the PRIVATE S.


Razak is funny all right!


I salute you, Dr Prontip. A woman with more brains and COJONES than the whole MACC team combined.

On another note ignore “K” – he/she is a troll.


You guys support free speech but someone disagrees with you then you start to demonise the person.

So much for Pakatan supporters’ concept of democracy and freedom of speech.


Does this mean she lied during the inquest that her university is Top 5 in Asia ???



Have you jumped off a building before?…


Have you gone bonkers ? What this got to do with my comments ?

hanana bt abdulla

what is wrong with the gomen? First , gomen declares rakyat di dahulukan Then gomen send razak dpp to destroy its crediblity. The purpose of the inquiry is to find the truth of what had caused the death of tbh. Why must razak had to try belittling the competence/qualifications of the good dr pornthip to give a complexion that that she is not good enough to conclude that tbh did not commit suicide? This is an inquiry not a court case, razak!! You were in the inquiry not to win [ which u cannot with your nonsense hypothesis] but to… Read more »


Malaysia Boleh! Ha!…Malaysia Boleh! Ha! Ha!…Malaysia Boleh! Ha! Ha! Ha!…Malaysia Boleh! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!…Malaysia Boleh! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!…Malaysia Boleh! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!…Malaysia Boleh! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!…(time to catch my breath)


Dr. Porntip is the most trusted individual in all of Thailand according to a 2009 Reader’s Digest survey.



This Razak fellow is really bringing great shame to this country.When my Aussie pals real abt this online, they laughed their … off. Malaysia Boleh.


This is a LUCU country, yes, everyday when there is a trial, the whole world is having a free comedy show…

The comedians are if not the judges that it will be the AG; if not the AG, then, government lawyers la…

One more tourist attraction – visit our court in session…

Looks like BH didnt commit suicide but Razak/MACC did !!!

We are a happy nation, 1Funny Malaysia !!!


Not as funny as SELECT, the kangaroo court where the victim is (allegedly) harasssed and demonised while the real culprit is protected and let go.

Remember the classic line, “OMG the real culprit got away” ??


Abdul Razak has a career in Senario. TV3 is waiting for him.

Phua Kai Lit

Shanghai Jiao Tong University also has its equally influential rankings of universities worldwide. Chances are that Mahidol University also ranks high on that one. Many of the Thai academicians I meet at conferences are of Chinese ancestry. The Thais have no problem with that. Even some of their recent Prime Ministers are of Chinese ancestry and the Thais also have no problems with that. We in Malaysia (with our backward, race-minded mentality) really need to grow up! As long as the person who holds a top leadership position is clean, hard-working and competent and can improve the welfare of the… Read more »



Perhaps you forgot to add that all Thai Chinese also hve Thai names and that there are no Chinese schools in Thailand.

Would you willing to exchange full meritocracy with full assimilation (ie no cultural identity, no vernacular schools,etc) ?


You can’t have full meritocracy without full integration, you’ll always otherwise be running small fishponds with sub-meritocracy in each. Integration doesn’t mean losing your names in Malaysia – Phua Kai Lit is Phua Kai Lit in Malaysian script. Vernacular schools were okay when your mothers were immigrants, but most young Malaysians’ mothers were Malaysian too. Vernacular schools have to go in return for a single Malaysian identity with no discrimination. I would recommend giving up any organisation that starts with the name of a race or foreign nationality (unless it’s purely a heritage / local office of a foreign organisation)… Read more »


Sean…I concur with you.

Phua Kai Lit

Hi K

Are you disappointed to learn that I (a Malaysian of Chinese ancestry who detests your Gerakan and the MCA) support a national school system where the language of instruction is Malay – with more and more English as the student moves toward the end of secondary education, together with ample opportunities for ALL students to learn languages such as Mandarin Chinese, Tamil, Japanese, French, Spanish etc?

By the way, one can often tell if a Thai citizen has Chinese ancestry – just look at their last name.


Great…So you support the abolishment of the vernacular schools ? At least we have something in common.

Phua Kai Lit

Dear K

I also support opening up UiTM to Malaysians from all ethnic groups.
And opening up the pre-u matriculation stream to all (instead of the token numbers of non-Malays in the matriculation stream at present).

You willing to agree with me on these?


You think can meh?

For those in the blurr-blurr. Our matriculation is nothing but easy route to local unis. See how many matri-routed uni-students fare in our local university exams. Those from the form six who enter unis are the better ones (no-sweating) in their exams.


If she is good enough for David Carradine’s autopsy, then she is good enough for TBH. Regardless of where she graduated from.


It’s stupidity of the highest degree. He has brought disgrace to all Malaysians. None of our universities is ranked among the Top 100 in the world. No Malayian degree is recognised beyond our shore and there comes one man rubbishing the university where this doctor studied in Thailand. The most stupid statement coming from a Malaysian-made “lawyer.”


From Bolehland to Bodohland… 5 flights daily… only on UMNO-Air! (Special 7% discounts for UMNO Airheads)…


I was at Mahidol for some time…

The culture there is completely different from Malaysian Universities…it is live and let live policy…no such thing as (sideline) the (minorities), etc…they treat everyone with respect and kindness….In Malaysian Univeresities, th kulit comes first…further, they respect each other and they are taught about respect for elders, life, etc.

And very importantly, they are a stickler for principles…Porntnip is living evidence of that.



Good joke ! Nice try but not everyone’s a fool or a Pakatan fanboy/gal to believe such nonsense.

You expect us to believe that you studied at Mahidol ? LOL.

You have no idea about Thai universities or how they treat their minorities.

I suggest you might as well move to Thailand if you really think so to understand the reality of life in Thailand.


Although I cant be certain myself that I knows every univs in Thailand but I assured you that what Jonathan said is true, at least in my univ. here. I dont know what culture you have in malaysia, but in my country we don’t have the ‘standard for minority’ as such here, unless you’re aliens of courses. Also, Though I’m not the student of Mahidol University myself but here, in Thailand we do acknowledge and highly recognize Mahidol Univ., especially in the field of medicals and biology, at either 1st or 2nd rank, closely with Chulalongkorn Univ. which is the… Read more »




Hi Anil,

Wonder if you would carry out a poll who, among the follow, is most trusted by Malaysians

i) Dr. Pornthip
ii) Najib
iii) Chief of MACC
iv) Macc lawyer Abdul Razak
v) IGP
vi) Chua Soi Lek
vii) Samy Vellu


So this … must be slightly better than the (female) DPP sent to take note for the Prosecution team in Sodomy II….
Razak first learn to accord the normal courtesy to a fellow professional, did’nt your mother teach you good manners …especially, one from overseas. You are ill mannered and without class…!
Dr Pornthip, on behalf of the good citizens of Malaysia, my sincere apology.


Now everyone can laugh …at our standard of Public Proscuter we have..real dumb idiot…


i wonder where Razak, the senior lawyer want to hide his face now, so pitiful !!!

ALL his questions to Dr Pornthip only tell and confirm one thing – stupidity !!!

Actually he already shown his stupidity earlier, the questions he asked and the assumptions he made…

This is really a case of Bodoh Sombong !!!

telur dua

How can Mahidol compare with Lingam’s Inn ~ Bolehland? Abdul Razak brought the house down with his slapsticks whereas Dr Porntip didn’t.

Bolehland’s contribution to the world is to provide free comedy on a daily basis. The comedians are the usual suspects. You know who they are.