What’s happening at University of Malaya?


A couple of academics have informed me that all classes have apparently been cancelled from 4.00pm as the university appears to have gone into shut-down mode for today.

Meanwhile, a circular purportedly from the campus authorities is making the rounds:

UM shutdown 27 Oct 2014

The word is that the campus electrical system (supposedly) may be undergoing repairs… staff have been advised to take the rest of the day off.

Said one academic in campus at 4.00pm: “Nobody here. Now I can goyang kaki in my office.”

This is how a ‘world-class’ university operates.

Despite warnings, the University of Malaya Student Council (PMUM) is pressing ahead with a talk “40 Years: From University of Malaya to Jail” with Anwar as the main speaker at 9.00pm today on campus – or maybe now outside the gates.

Lim Kit Siang tweeted: “Clampdown of UM n show-cause to student leader Fahmi 2prevent Anwar from returning to her alma mater to speak to students this evening.”

Anwar’s appeal in the Federal Court – after the Court of Appeal overturned a High Court decision to acquit him on a charge of sodomy – is scheduled for 28-29 October.

If you are in UM now, please tell us what is happening there.

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OM Saigal

Electrical repairs can be done on weekends!!

robert chuah

Top 400 u from the bottom


According to a Malaysiakini report published this afternoon: A circular in the name of UM Registrar Yusoff Musa called on all staff and students to leave the campus at 4pm, citing power disruption due to the bad weather. “There are problems with the electric sub-station. The situation is dangerous and the university authorities are trying to conduct repair and maintenance works at a few main locations within the university. “All staff are allowed to leave by recording the said excuse in the e-attendance,” the e-circular says. Malaysiakini confirms the veracity of the circular and it is understood that a similar… Read more »


what a fantastic excuse.
i almost fell off my chair.
now you know why universities in malaysia have one way to go-down the drain.
btw, cant they just let out the brutal truth and just be honest about it?

Seng Tak

Referring to tonight’s event where opposition leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim is scheduled to speak to students on “Pidato Anwar Ibrahim: 40 tahun dari UM ke penjara”, UM’s Academic Staff Association (PKAUM) president Dr Azmi Sharom said: “The UM administration’s antagonistic stance towards the gathering is inconsistent with aspirations to be an internationally recognised and top ranked institution.” “Let us stop pretending that we can be a top university without guaranteeing and protecting academic freedom and freedom of speech,” Azmi said in a statement, after the event had been declared illegal by UM vice-chancellor of student affairs Professor Datuk Dr… Read more »

Phua Kai Lit

Such fear of one man. Only in 1Malaysia under the 1PM !

I have publicized this case of UM buffoonery to Human Rights scholars


The beginning of Reformasi 2.0.


Well, its another feather in Anwar’s cap – first politician to have created an electrical shutdown and shut down the top University a country..How many politician can claim that?


Teach by example.What a university.What a Vice Chancellor.
What future intellectuals will it produce.


Far from being “impromptu demonstrations,” the ongoing Occupy Central movement in Hong Kong was plotted nearly two years ago with the involvement of overseas forces, the BBC has reported in an article published on its website. It is an “open secret” at the Oslo Freedom Forum, which is referred to as “one of the biggest meetings of human rights activists in the world,” that plans were hatched for the demonstrations nearly two years ago, wrote Laura Kuenssberg, chief correspondent of BBC Newsnight, in the article. “Democracy activists” from around the world have helped “organize their struggle, gather together,” said the… Read more »


What is happening is law breakers are coming in


Time off to avoid DSAI?