UKM students hold protest during Rosmah’s visit (Video)


A few dozen UKM students held a protest during Rosmah Mansor’s visit for a function at UKM – but they were given the slip.

Rosmah avoided the protesters as her entourage found her an alternative exit.

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2 Mar 2013 2.17pm

I think the ‘Listen saga’ has finally awakened many undergraduates to stand up for their rights, and not just ‘ikut perintah’ like holding out the ‘I Love PM’ banners and wearing BN-sponsored t-shirts to welcome those ‘BN VIPs’.

Batu Ferringhian
Batu Ferringhian
2 Mar 2013 9.42am

I’m waiting for the day environmentalists will stage a protest. The hairspray cans used for Rosmah’s hair upkeep is an environmental disaster by itself.

I’m not kidding 😐

2 Mar 2013 1.25am

I salute these students with a lot of respect and humility. It is about time that they step up to the plate and take their place in our blessed land to ensure that its future is not lost through the web of greed that it is out lot to see today. Pentutut BANGUN! Pentutut BANGUN! Pentutut BANGUN!

kaki pulau
2 Mar 2013 12.26am

Student Power! Student Power! Good for UKM, at last a group of thinkers. Girls sure got guts!
Carry on Mahasiswa-mahasiswi UKM! Hidup Rakyat!

Gerakan K
Gerakan K
1 Mar 2013 9.35pm

Too young for anything. Focus your study and be a good boy/girl !!!

Andrew I
2 Mar 2013 8.36am
Reply to  Gerakan K

But if you come and cheer and bodek, forget the studying. Then you are best boy/girl !!! We can offer bus and pocket money also.

2 Mar 2013 10.02am
Reply to  Gerakan K

No one is too young for anything especially in this globalized world. Beside studying, interacting and understanding of the world and society is important and to oppose or bring to light is the rights of every citizen from students to the retired when the govt, PM and minister are guilty of wrong doing.

Unless of course UMNO and their sycophants want to make the people especially the rural people ignorant and stupid still under the coconut shell waiting for handout.. The saying “I eat salt more then you eat rice“ is no more relevant or applicable in this globalized world.

1 Mar 2013 9.27pm

Just like Ah Cheap and UMNO BN she dare not face the people.