Thanks to people power, Prof Abdul Aziz Bari’s suspension lifted


It is not as easy as it once was for universities to stifle academic freedom. Universiti Islam Antarabangsa (UIA) yesterday lifted its suspension order against law professor Abdul Aziz Bari.

His suspension sparked protests on Friday as students chanted “Long live knowledge”, “Crush oppression” and “Free Aziz Bari”.

The voice of People Power has been heard. Aziz Bari can resume work today while university investigations continue.

Across the world, there is a new democratic awakening, a new consciousness blossoming. And it refuses to be silenced in the face of injustice.

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25 Oct 2011 4.45pm

And the most glaring result of the brave and widespread support from so many for Prof Aziz? Najib “Mr Cool” Razak cancelled his scheduled visit tonight to the UIA. Which prompted the quick response from the protesting students that the Prime Minister was simply a big coward. Not the first time he has avoided a crowd which is evidently not happy with him. In the aftermath of the Perak coup, he also avoided showing up in Ipoh for a major function there…. Whatever his reason for the no-show then, and tonight at the UIA, Najib’s image certainly must be the… Read more »

25 Oct 2011 8.50pm
Reply to  Leithaisor

And worse of all the Najib avoid showing up in court

25 Oct 2011 2.06pm

the kind of support the Prof received somehow send an alarming message to barang naik regime not to take the bumiputras for granted as they are now not easily swayed by racial issues but more on extravagance of the barang naik policies ????

25 Oct 2011 11.52am

The Arab Spring has taught the Muslims in the Arab World that the religion has been exploited and misused by the autority to control the people to deprive them the basic rights.