Students say political rights amendment falls short

File photo: Students protest action taken against Adam Adli - Photograph: Chua Yee Ling

The recent vote in the Malaysian Parliament to pass amendments to three acts to allow students greater political freedom has been generally welcomed – but not everyone is happy.

The amendments to the Universities and University Colleges Act (UUCA) 1971 were passed on 10 December, which was also the 70th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Two other related acts – the Private Higher Educational Institutions Act 1996 and the Educational Institutions (Discipline) Act 1976 – were similarly amended.

Section 15(2)(c) of the UUCA, which prohibited a student from being “involved in political activities within campus”, was repealed. Similar sections were dropped in the other two acts, effectively removing a ban on students taking part in political activities on campus.

Education Minister Maszlee Malik said the amendments tabled were just the initial move to abolish the UUCA totally by 2020. Even though it was just a subsection, “it is very significant as it would eliminate the siege mentality and culture of fear which have been shackling university students”.

Student activists, however, had hoped that the government would amend the UUCA to drop Sections 15 and 16, which curtail students’ involvement in political activity. Full article on University World News website

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Cygnus Knight

Student activists shouldinstead spend time to analyse why the courses they study have no market value resulting in current unemployment among 14000+ local graduates. Student activists should espouse the good values and the moral obligation of paying back PTPTN loan so as not to deprive others.


yup, student should propose to government how PTPTN can continue to be sustainable for the benefit of students without graduate paying back the loan..talking moral is no longer fashionable nowadays…hehe

Zhuang Shang

Difficult, maybe they hope for 50% discount like the traffic saman special offer?

Cygnus Knight

The price of a KFC Snack Plate had increased from RM12.30 to RM15.30 while the Dinner Plate set had gone up to RM19.60 from RM15.60.

No protest from student activists?

Zhuang Shang

Because of increase in minimum wage, fast food workers higher cost pass to consumers?

V Ramesh

Hawkers already told me they will up price and irreversible in Feb in time for Chinese New Year since KFC has taken the lead.

No real wage gain despite higher min wage when price of food go up accordingly.

Darren Lim

True. All substitutes to KFC will likely go up in price, including your fried chickens at Nadia kandar stores.