How the locked University of Malaya gate was breached (Videos)


The padlocked metal gate of University of Malaya was unable to hold back the over 2000 students who had come to listen to Anwar Ibrahim at the University of Malaya last night.

And the following are other scenes from UM including clips of Anwar addressing the throng:

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In the murder case of Chee Gaik Yap, the accused rapist/murderer Shahril’s DNA had similarities to the traces of semen found on the victim but the defence argued it was deemed to be not a complete match such that there was a possibility that a third person contributed to that DNA profile

However, Anwar’s semen can be used as proof of sodomy despite existence of Male Y?
Malaysia Justice system … not consistent(?)


Just like a slaughtered choke AI is trying to kick his last kick before he is put to jail. It is only time for a truly dedicated Malaysian to step forward and to lead this country out of the shamble that it is in. No doubt it will be a daunting task nevertheless it can and must be done, just step forward and work very hard but it can be done. It must be done without AI, because no one is indispensable, therefore for the sake of your children and their children, don’t throw in your towel the towel. The… Read more »


Boycott mainstream newspapers. Already Utusan is having low readership and survive on civil service subscription and Umno funding.

Uncle Jock

The case in appeal is crisp clear that it should be thrown out into the ‘longkang’ and therefore acquit DSAI. Any decision other than this will only cause more tension for Malaysia and UMNO will break up in no time and disappear from the political map of malaysia.


The students learnt from the gatecrash incident at Penang Dewan Negeri so police now close one eye for that?

Uncle Jock

Yes, the incident must be seen as a whole and cannot be separated from the context.


They LIT UP THE PLACE WITH THEIR CELLPHONES!! The longer UMNO/BN is in denial that this thing they fight is not about Anwar, but about what is wrong with UMNO/BN, the longer they are setting themselves up for their own fall.. Mahathir says not all young people hate UMNO – revealing clearly there are some in UMNO that think they have lost the youth vote completely. What they don’t understand is that if Mahathir does not have a straight answer, he does not have a real answer, meaning UMNO Baru/BN does not have a real answer..


Malays are divided because of this. So Malay NGOs and media should not find fault with non-Malays on the issue of perpaduan.

Stylo Logan

Umno likes to push blame on the Chinese community to distract the Malays, as Umno has failed to improve the living standard of most rural Malays who are still highly dependent on BR1M as NEP only enriched the cronies.