Of fake degrees and exaggerated qualifications


Here’s something I wrote last week.

“Putting forward a fake degree is academic fraud which, like any other fraudulent deed, is a crime that should be vehemently condemned,” says researcher Mustafa K Anuar, a former associate professor in communications and now senior editorial writer for a local media portal.

A genuine degree is the ultimate reward for hard work, commitment and patience, he says. “But a fake degree unfairly trivialises the work of people who cherish and appreciate the value of knowledge, intellectual honesty and integrity. Buying a fake degree only cheapens oneself.”

Political science lecturer Azmil Tayeb, who is involved in the Malaysian Academic Movement (Gerak), said the demand for fake degrees is driven by the social expectations that regard a university education as a sign of success and intelligence.

“People with only vocational and non-university education should not be stigmatised and looked down upon,” he says. “Society must assure people they can still be successful in life without a university education as long as their hearts are in the right place.”

Even so, he says, the Malaysian government must come up with a list that contains the names of all known degree mills, so that employers or the public can check the qualifications of public figures in particular. Full article in World University News

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Singapore Minister-in-charge of the Public Service Chan Chun Sing says a combination of operations, communications, mobilisation and international exposure will be looked for in future leaders beyond pure policy-making skills.


Don Anamalai

How to trust our politicians with fake qualifications? They are deceiving us when they do not possess the necessary knowledge, skills or abilities with fake degrees!


Worst still, PAS’ Nik Abduh has admited that “Holy Man” Hadi Awang had given his blessings to lie to their 2-million followers concerning the RM90 million corruption scandal.

Anwar urges Pas to stop telling lies in politics

Don Anamalai

KUALA LUMPUR, Feb 27 — The new ministers under the brand-new Pakatan Harapan (PH) administration can adopt certain measures to be good and clear communicators of their policies to Malaysians, communications agency Citrine One Sdn Bhd has suggested.

Citrine One recently conducted a survey independently and the results showed Malaysians felt that the ministers lacked a clear and consistent communication strategy despite also recognising that some ministers were good communicators.

Mah HS
Mah HS

Some may remember a car wash operator calling himself a general and selling some sort of “police” awards in KL a few years ago. Perhaps because some VIPs got pie on their face, the police decided to pursue this. Most honorific titles are no better. …. thug who have worked his way up to big money is a “lato”. Every other car owner is trying to impress others with size, cost, badges, etc. Then there are the “doctors”, those superior in “religious virtuoue” and even conspicuous exercises in charity. It is pitiable insecurity.

Ma jiji

What’s the difference then between BN and PH ??!!


Anil did you practise accountancy begore you actually received the physical qualification certificate? Its that legal but morally wrong?


You went thru hardship earning and studying unlike many youngsters now living within comfort zone dare not take risk and challenges in new digital IR4.0 era whereby they have to create jobs instead of jobs looking for them during free world globalization era.
Anil can start Anilnetto.com internship program to groom guture influencers like yourself to speak out without fear or favour. Many of your regular Penanglang commentators can send their children for your internship program?


Anil is humble.