Hishammuddin turns up at UIA


Student representatives at UIA are believed to have met Hishammuddin Hussein, according to a tweet.

Student reps meet Hishammuddin - Photograph via twitter: Shahriza_Amir

The tweet was sent out by a Shahriza_Amir.

Hishammuddin is sitting in for his cousin Najib at the final of the PM’s Cup debate in UIA tonight.

As Hishammuddin officiates at the event, other tweets suggest that a small group of students have gathered at the entrance of UIA but are blocked from entering amidst tight security.

Meanwhile, Prof Abdul Aziz Bari, now the target of an investigation, is speaking at a forum on academic freedom in a PJ hotel. Others expected to speak are Azmi Sharom, Hisham Rais and Fadiah Nadwa.

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tung yang lang

Just came back savouring Penang Deepavali Open House meals at Times Square Penang. The speech by CM Guan Eng & also Mansor that present Penang State Governmnt has cut down state debts from RM360 million (prior to 308) to now just RM30 million ! Wah lau eh ! This kind of pakata gomen should hav governed Penang long time ago lah ! With that kind of savings from corruption, leakages etc surely the rakyat can savour open house meals more often ! SYABAS to Pakatan in Penang ! Look forward to another term of administration after PRU13 to wipe out… Read more »


i enjoyed the deepavali open house, too 🙂

now i am more convinced that pakatan is the rightful party for Msia.

my friends at buah pala can testify that (don’t read too much reporting in mainstream media).

Good job and we hope you continue to highlight social issues so that more from the Indian community can also wake up from slumber.


I urge all Indians not be be fooled by the instant goodies from BN.
Remember 1Malaysia is just a scam campaign.
Just listen to its song.
How can it claim we are all satu bangsa when some of us do not get the benefits of NEP?

Abu Sobri

(Is he) there to discuss about the implementation of the concepts in the new book by Obedient Wives Club entitled: “Seks Islam – Perangi Yahudi Untuk Kembalikan Seks Islam Kepada Dunia (Sex in Islam –Wage War Against Jews To Return Islamic Sex To The World)”(?)


Obnoxious cousins! Dare them to move around without “tight security”!

Ahmad Ismail

Just vote for PR in the coming GE. Make sure UMNO/ BN lose big….