Are schools equipped for special children?


While the government is pumping money into 20 so-called “high performance schools”, what about children with special learning needs?

Are our schools equipped to educate children with dyslexia, autism, ADHD and emotional problems?

Have a look at these letters to the press:

Limited facilities for dyslexic children

Educate teachers on special children

Check out what happens when a child with emotional problems is given expert attention in school. Go here.

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kids spelling games

This has been a long standing debate. Are public schools equipped to work with kids who have learning disabilities? Perhaps some, but this comes down to resources.

Patrick Chow

just wants to keep in tough with Kelly(writter of EDUCATE TEACHERS ON SPECIAL CHILDREN)as i needs the information of the centre where she send her sun attend to for school

Luqman Michel

5 years ago when I started teaching dyslexic children I spoke with about 10 teachers from a primary school in Sabah and not one of them knew what dyslexia is.First and foremost teachers in primary school should be made aware of what dyslexia is and how to identify the dyslexic children.Teachers and parents, and not medical practioners, are the best people to detect dyslexic children. All schools, except schools like MRSM have students in form 1 to form 5 who cannot read English and my guess would be that these are dyslexic children.I have taught dyslexic children for more than… Read more »


Pursuant to the 2 letters published in the press mentioned by Anil,there were 2 others published within last week and this week that seem to appeal to the Special Education Department for some clarification and guidance to parents. For the record,there are over 300,000 schoolgoing children with some form of learning challenges.The 30 schools that have an integrated programme to cater to their needs are definitely NOT equipped to provide special education.This may change if we have someone in Govt who is dyslexic or with ADHD,it’s cruel to say but true.Singapore has an excellent programme for special needs children in… Read more »


Hi Anil,

I met up with a schoolfriend who is doing some considerable work on dyslexic children. It was started with a request from parents. As an educationalist I feel his work ought to be validated and perhaps he could feed his approach to teaching dyslexic kids into future developments by the educational authorities.

Please visit his website www. parentingdyslexia. His name is Michel Luqman and lives in Sabah.

I will let him know of your facebook blogging.



Angela Ooi

If Rosmah is caring, she would definitely look into this and make this her urgent and special project.
At least, this would earn her lots of ‘brownie points’, far better than all the superficial sloganeering her husband does.


Anyone who has accessed to her?

I would love to meet her up and start a national project for Autism or any special kids center.

If she is interested, it will be call 1car1ng, or 2Care

“1Malaysia 2Care” How about that for a Public Relation


I was trying to revive a center which cater for around 30 kids before it was closed down in June last year. But I did not raised enough fund and support for it. I am still trying. I have the toys, tools, teaching material and equipment for special need kids for EIP (early intervention program) but sadly no financial mean to continue. If anyone who has a spare house or shoplot around Seri Petaling area to offer and some fund to come in for next 2 years. I belief I can turn it into self funded center cater for low… Read more »


This issue has resurfaces again. There has been so much awareness and programs for some kind of guideline or action plan to cater for ‘our’ Special Children. All came to nothing. The politicians don’t see a need for it because there is no benefit for them. Mind you the number of Special Children in our country is on the rise due to reasons that should be discussed in another topic. Some states do not even have ‘qualified’ therapist in govt hospitals to handle them. The lower income group is just left to rot. What a sad state of affairs. There… Read more »


Dear Eloi

You are right and we are trying to help each other. In my record I have over 1000 family suffering from autism.

Shiok Guy

Anildeep S

ai yo yo…

bukankah sekolah ini untuk yang terbaik ? Kanak-kanak khas ini tidak terdiri daripada golongan yang terbaik.


Dear Brother

Thank you for highlighting this, I have 2 boys with Autism. I think I am “qualify” to say that we need more to help those in special need.

I have the following blog for autism support in Malaysia.

I am updating them from time to time so to help those who need information about autism.

Under my personal blog I have my account of life with my 2 autism boys..

Shiok Guy