“Give a person a fish…


… and you feed him for a day;

Teach a person to fish…

… and you feed her for a lifetime.”

Teach them to cook…

… and they could turn out to be chefs!

Check out this meaningful project with a difference.

I think projects like this are more empowering than cash handouts (though of course such handouts do have a place in times of emergency or disaster or in alleviating immediate hardship), don’t you think?

Speaking of which, the Gabrielites have been doing some wonderful work as well in the Monfort Centres in Shah Alam, Sabah and Malacca. From what I hear, employers often grab their graduating students, many of whom come from disadvantaged backgrounds.

Perhaps politicians could learn a thing or two from these centres about projects that really empower people instead of overly relying on cash handouts to alleviate poverty. Wouldn’t it be great if there were more such projects and centres around the country?

Do you know of any other initiatives that empower people?

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Penang Bolih

ah! That highly priced character trait — no need to teach. They learn from their fathers and mothers.


Why not teach those students to lie and bribe?
They can become politicians and billionaires.


Anil dear,

No longer true la. Teach a person to fish, and he will starve for the rest of his life cos there ain’t any more fish in the seas nor the ponds.

Karen Lee


Why do you call then Gabrielites? The sisters in Monfort are known as Canossian Sisters…. I came from Canossa Convent Malacca and some of the sisters in Monfort were ex-principals from my school.

They held in high regards among the communities in Portuguese Settlement malacca where the school is currently located


No big money to be made in such projects. Will never see the government giving a helping hand here apart from the usual token amount of money for the sake of publicity. The Gabrielites have done the impossible almost wholly without government financial help. See how it is always better to help oneself rather than waiting for any government. The Chinese in Malaysia expect nothing from the government or anybody else for free. That is the secret behind the success of Chinese businesses in Malaysia. Now, if only the Malaysian government can do the same for the Mat Rempits. Ah!… Read more »