Five reasons to appreciate Sungai Ara Primary School’s holistic approach to education


Ever since the Sungai Ara Tamil Primary School in Penang became the talk of the town for its innovative approach to education – which was heartily endorsed by Education Minister Maszlee Malik during his recent visit – it appears that some quarters are unhappy.

Maszlee spent a lot of time engaging with the pupils and talking to the principal Sangga Sinnayah during his much-anticipated visit to school on 17 May. He obviously came away impressed – and he said as much to the press.

Yesterday, however, a Penang city councillor spoke out against the children’s participation in a climate change protest on 24 May. She felt that the pupils had been manipulated by participating NGOs to be critical of the Penang transport masterplan.

Others are believed to have lodged a report with the Education Department in Penang, which then sent officers to investigate. Full story on Aliran website

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When will our politicians from both sides of the fray, match the qualities of Singaporean opposition, when articulating their dissents and criticisms, are actually based on concrete evidences. Here I only see the constant Politicking and harping on non-issue just for popularity.

Watch : Chee Soon Juan, Sec-gen of Singapore Democratic Party (English) (Hokkien)


Interesting video by Dr Cher if SFP highlighting the plight of Singapore Seniors finding hard to survive in expensive SingLand after the retirement with CPF only gradually released to them til age 93. SingLand offers good salary but high cost of living erodes your disposable income easily. Need S$1380 per person per month to live comfortably in SingLand. Many SingLand Malays this bought house in JB migrated after retirement to stretch their SingDollar. Not surprising many Penangites working in SingLand will eventually returned to homeland for retirement. CM Chow is wooing them with the 3 resort islands, with homes available… Read more »


Desperate attempt to hopelessly defend the PTMP and PSR projects, as well as warn off other civil society organisations about the consequences of going against the state: Penang councillor should reconsider probe into kids at climate change protest Pakatan Harapan beamed the hope of a free society to determine its future sans the evils of Kleptocracy + Rule of Fear. BUT it looks like Penang will be the 1st state to rein in on its people by suggesting to use the Child Act 2001 of the Federal Constitution to rationalise for a probe by the Education Department on the… Read more »

Fang Yang

This school came under fire by Penang Island city councillor Vino Dini Chandragason for allowing its students to participate in the climate change protest while wearing school T-shirts.

She had also accused the climate change protest organisers, Klimate Action Utara Malaysia (KAUM) and Klima Action Malaysia (KAMY), of exploiting underaged children by using them in the event which also included a protest against the state’s Penang Transport Master Plan (PTMP).

She had called on the police and authorities to investigate the groups.


This school is now under probe by education ministry because getting its students to protest.


Yeah, I suspect corporate influencing on state gomen might have led to this un-Pakatan behaviour. And Pg CM seems so quiet to let this fiasco scot-free. That Vino should be reprimanded (& transferred to Pulau Jerejak?) if not fired.
Say No 2 Corruption, Say No 2 Corporate Campur Tangan.


Exploiting children? NGO says Penang councillor ‘out of touch’ Klimate Action Utara Malaysia (Kaum) has criticised Penang councillor Vino Dini Chandragason as being “out of touch” with global events. This is after she accused Kaum and Klima Action Malaysia (Kamy) of exploiting children for a climate crisis event which the NGOs had jointly organised. Kaum pointed out that when the events were organised in Penang on May 24 and 25, hundreds of thousands of other children were also gathering in other countries around the world at the same time as part of the Global Climate Strike, a movement initiated… Read more »


well kids, they never tell the you that this project is for Penang’s future and your future…when you need a job not a tree


Sorry to break it but majority of youths today has no concern about sustainable developments and climate control, at least not more than their obsessions with bubble milk.


Bubble tea costs RM7.50 to RM12 each, can buy me 2 decent meals (lunch and dinner) to get by one day.


Until the day they earn blood, sweat + tears money, where got pain drinking Bubble Tea (a bin-chui social statement?).


The high price of bubble tea just like coffee joint offerings but yet affordable by many young people may make local hawkers up their price of their food offerings too. Bubble tea contains chemicals that could cause hormonal change – explains why Taiwan young people growing up on bubble tea has LGBT inclinations. Drink with caution. Parents be warned.


it seems that Anil can’t differentiate between children and youth…please refrain from manipulating the children in your fight against the state government…