Fahmi Zainol and team blocked from speaking inside USM – heckled outside


I spotted a group outside USM this afternoon and didn’t realise what was going on until much later. Turns out that the gathering was part of the Jelajah roadshow by a group of university students to “free the universities” in the country.

The group was reportedly barred from speaking at USM by campus head of security Assoc Prof P Sundramoorthy, who asked them to disperse.

But another group turned up outside USM to heckle and prevent the students from speaking at a kopitiam, creating a bit of a stir; so the kopitiam owner asked those gathered to leave. The university students then adjourned to a nasi kandar restaurant nearby.

Only recently, an Anti-Sedition gathering at the Esplanade recently was disrupted by a pro-Sedition Act mob. Activists lodged a police report against the latter group.

More images from the safe haven at the nasi kandar restaurant this afternoon…

… and outside the kopitiam directly opposite the Jalan Sungai Dua USM entrance:

Tonight, at 9.00pm, the students are heading to UiTM, Penang, but they have to contend with this …

They are blocked from entering UitM, but they flex their muscles outside:

And the previous night at UUM:

And a few days ago in Sabah:

I’ve got to say, these students are a pretty determined and gutsy bunch; and they are standing up for what they believe.

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gk ong

There is an emerging trend of younger Malay voters who don’t buy into the Umno narrative that their fate is tied to the Malay party. “This generation feels that leaders can be changed,” said former Puteri Umno chief Datuk Seri Azalina Othman Said. As long as you can lead, it does not matter if you are a man or a woman, a Malay or non-Malay. “Maybe for them, anyone can lead, it does not necessarily have to be a Malay leader for the Malay community,” she said when asked whether Umno was worried about the trend started by the three… Read more »


What is freedom of right or democracy if you don`t follow rules and laws. As an alumnus of Chung Hwa primary school, I wanted to go in and make a speech but was stopped by the guards and teachers. As an alumnus of PFS, I also want to go into the premise and make s speech but was also stopped and prevented from making a speech and was chased out. I also wanted to go into the Penang State assembly premises and make a speech but the guard said you cannot go in. I wanted to make a speech at… Read more »


Yang, If you barged in you will be labelled samseng like Perkasa & UMNO. If Pakatoon supporters barged in they will be labelled as heroes like Anwar fighting for rights and freedom. They break the law its alright but its wrong for you to do so. Which is why some one here will always labelled you as bodoh while they are smart, smart because they can break the law and get away.

Tan Ban Cheng

This atmosphere of repression certainly does not augur well for our country. Our students are the flowers of our nation and represent our nation’s future. They must be allowed every facility to develop and exercise their power of critical thinking if we are to move forward as a nation in one cohesive bloc. Even if they falter in their arguments, our authorities must be avuncular enough to allow them to learn from their mistakes, without any attempt whatsoever being made to punish them. Nay, we should in fact nurture these young talents and encourage them to pick themselves up and… Read more »

Phua Kai Lit

These are the Malay political leaders of the future.
This is why UMNO Baru-BN is so worried and (allegedly) sends samseng to
threaten them.

Don Anamalai

Young educated malays are deserting Umno knowing that NEP has only enriched the cronies.

Xiao B

Most malays are in debt because their income is far less their expenditure. So this is the failure of Umno ‘s NEP.


Phua, When you barge in and break the gate of a public university like UM what do you call that !!!!!

Peter Lim Swee Aik

Better don’t study…

Peter Lim Swee Aik

Trouble maker … waste time waste money