Education minister, deputy both laud Sungai Ara school’s innovative approach


Good to see Education Minister Maszlee Malik and his deputy Teo Nie Ching both endorsing the Sungai Ara Tamil Primary School’s innovative and wholesome approach to education.

Maszlee said that the school had the ability to become a sekolah contoh (model school) while Teo used the hashtag #sekolahcontoh

Hopefully, other schools can emulate the school’s approach, especially the concern over the environment through practical real-life activities.

One thing Maszlee and Teo should look at is the quality – and aptitude – of teachers selected for training. Some of our teachers are doing an outstanding job under at times difficult circumstances. But are all of them really cut out for teaching?

Under the Finnish model, which the minister regards highly, teachers are selected from the top 10% of graduates and the profession is much coveted and highly regarded. They usually have three teachers per classroom, including one to coach pupils who are falling behind.

The profession has to change over here so that teaching can once again be regarded as a noble profession, a vocation, a call to service.

So the selection of candidates for teacher training should be reviewed. Teaching should not be regarded as a last choice but the preferred choice among those candidates selected. That way, we can be sure teachers will be motivated and find job satisfaction – and that enthusiasm will rub off on their pupils.

Here’s Maszlee:

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And here’s Teo Nie Ching:

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Switch Machine

IT classes in Malaysia schools is teaching Photoshop techniques to beautify photos. Next must learn to identify fake or real videos by knowing the ticks of DeepFake.

Deepfake is shriekingly powerful tool no hehe laughing subject!


Must educate the students about fake news on internet. Also new technology like Deepfake ( ) can produce fake videos like the one implicating the local minister currently.


DEEPFAKE. It is the buzzword in Malaysia since the appearance of the sex tryst video allegedly involving a Cabinet minister.

Deepfake, according to, is “an AI-based technology used to produce or alter video content so that it presents something that didn’t, in fact, occur.


Get the US FBI analyse the videos, they are the best.The govt must arrest the culprits who set the camera in the room or if its fake than arrest the culprits who fabricated the tapes. The distributors and the financers must be arrested.

The BN govt never took any action on sex tapes … but now the PH govt must act and jail all the criminals to put an end to gutter politics.The country is sick!


Society for the Promotion of Human Rights (Proham) today questioned public university UKM’s involvement in the Kelantan government’s proselytisation mission to convert the Orang Asli to Islam.

The Kelantan government should focus on immunization against measles.


PAS is calling for the abolition of Mandarin-medium schools in Malaysia, proposing Arabic as the language of instruction.


Education Minister Dr Maszlee Malik told the press on Friday that schools will not be returning to the Teaching and Learning of Science and Mathematics in English (PPSMI) policy.

No reform due to Umno-PAS pressure?


PETALING JAYA, June 18 — The quality of primary and secondary school education in Malaysia is only worth 9.1 years of schooling even though pupils study an average of 12.2 years, when compared to South Korea or Singapore, a World Bank study shows.

Richard Record, the lead economist for Malaysia in the World Bank Group’s Macroeconomics, Trade and Investment Global Practice, told reporters today that this challenge facing Malaysia can be traced all the way down to the inconsistent standards of preschools in the country.

Failure of Permata program?

Fang Yang

Lee Chong Wei finally announced his retirement. Could have done so a year ago but he delayed it to ensure continuous income from his many sponsors for a year?


Students must be taught the marketing concept of 80/20 rule. LCW may be World #1 for record number of weeks by accumulating points from participation in all sorts of tournaments (80%) but still missed out on Badminton Grand Slam titles of Olympic Gold, World Championship title and Asian Games Gold. Lin Dan played selectively (20%) focusing on major tournaments, abled to peak in time to win those Grand Slam titles missing from LCW’s medal cabinet. Perhaps LCW played more (in the process denied participation of young Malaysisn players?) to satisfy his sponsorship $$$ commitments at the expense of his health/career.… Read more »

Boba Tiger

Very good analysis, using the marketing principles.

I do not really want to support LCW since he has already pocketed hughly from BAM podium and sponsors like Yonex, Samsung, 100 Plus etc but the big one is (allegedly a) big construction contract… So no sacrifice to me consider all these rich rewards to him.

Kopi O Ah Pek

LGBT appears to become big issue in Bolehland. The school education should have covered this matter from young so as not become a taboo subject.

Fang Yang

Should teach the young not to litter indiscriminately, use less plastics and support reuse and recycling. Avoid fast fashion.


Penang now has 397 containers filled with plastic waste imported from 12 different countries, the Penang Customs Department revealed today.

This is an additional 132 containers to the 265 containers that were stranded at the North Butterworth Container Terminal (NBCT) since January.