Aziz Bari addresses students after being barred entry into UIA (video)


The law professor spoke at 11.30pm yesterday at the gates of the campus in Gombak after campus security and police blocked him from entering.

It certainly looks as if the students’ movement is awakening. How long more can they continue shutting the minds of the students?

Last night’s rally was part of the ‘Jelajah Mahasiswa, Bebaskan Universiti’ (Students’ Expedition to Free the Universities) after the large rally at the University of Malaya on 27 October.

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How much money has been wasted in 1Bestari net project when only 5% of students used the so-called broadband (less than 1MB/s speed) int the schools?

Did the crony YTL profit from the scheme?

Phua Kai Lit

YB Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah sent this letter to all MPs in the Malaysian Parliament. All concerned citizens of Malaysia should read it too:

What is to be done?
1. Replace the Finance Minister
2. Convene a National Economic Action Council to get us out of this mess and head off looming economic disaster

Shakirin AlIkram

The recent Midterm election win by GOP saw a 18-yr old University Student win a GOP seat (of course with a ftaher as a Senator helped). Malaysian Universities are of course milleniums away in standard but all the same UMNO must not block U -students (as they are voters too) from political activities.
We have enough morons as it is ruining the country!
Fight for Citizens right. Leave or boycott any University still stuck Dinosaur Age!


Talking of elected representative, I think we are years ahead of the US. More than 40 years ago Najib was one of the youngest to be elected to Parliament at age 26


Yes, his ability has never improve since age 26.


Oct 27 rally was not by the students but by supporters instigated by Anwar and PR supporters

Shakirin AlIkram

#Yang You must be one of the Dinosaurs in Malaysia – wake up and read who won the MidTerm Election in US. And what are Malayan Varsity compared to US – take years for them to catch up with all English-medium International IHL (PPT) rankings!
I dread to think you will stay in your rut!
Anwar Ibrahim was a Student Leader look who he is today – where are you – stuck in office pushing pens?
The world knows the Opposition won if NOT for FPTP and gerrymandering and …`ketuanan’ Rot!


The world also know that it was Dole and not Bush that won. Would you called GOP or the Democrats gerrymandering. Come on man, I have just woke up to the … deceits and gerry mandering of Pakatoon DAP PKR Anwar and their leaders. What I am interested now is legality not legality through illegality like what is happening in Penang, after 308 and Hong Kong. Student leader or not is not my concern. Law and order and legality is my now because these reformasi has deceive the people enough. Enough is enough.

Phua Kai Lit

In 1Malaysia, history repeats itself.

First time as tragedy and second time as farce.

P.S. Same goes for the trial of a leading politician in Malaysia.
Land of Shameless Possibilities.