Solidarity vigils for Adam Adli in Jinjang and Penang


More solidarity vigils are being held tonight for detained student activist Adam Adli outside the Jinjang Police Station and outside USM in Penang.

Adam Adli’s father and fellow Malaysians hold a vigil for the young student activist – Photograph: Fadiah Nadwa

Photograph: Fadiah Nadwa
Photograph: Fadiah Nadwa

Over in Penang, another group of 40 students and other members of the public held a vigil along Jalan Sungai Dua, near the side gate of USM, under the watchful eyes of police.

An unknown rival group of about 15 middle-aged men gathered nearby with their own loud-hailer, according to an activist at the scene. “A small group of them came up to us and shoved us a little, but others in our group came to help. Two reporters – Chia Ming from Malaysiakini and Brynn from Nanyang – were pushed in the gathering as well.”

Another eye-witness said the the rival group addressed those in the vigil, some of whom were students, and told them, “We cherish peace and harmoney, why are you gathering here? After all, the DAP has won in Penang, so what are you protesting about? Go back and study; you are studying in a government university – you should be thankful (syukur) for that.” Or words to that effect in Malay.

The vigil in Penang ended at about 9.00pm without further incident,

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Gerakan K What about the trouble makers who pelted stones and other objects against PKR leaders during their ceramahs and what about the trouble makers who wanted to burn PK office at merchant square? You think the rakyaats are blind to all these happenings? UMNO/BN and PDRM may turn a blind eye because it was their people who were causing these troubles but they forget that the majority of people (57%) who support the opposition do not take it light. We will demand justice and justice we must get. AZ can warn the rakyaat simply because he holds the MHA… Read more »


Are those students who are against the candlelight vigil know what they are talking about. Do they not know that a government school belongs to the rakyat and not UMNO or BN?

What have they been learning in school?

Gerakan K

I hope police will speed up the process, then charge and jail (if found guilty).

Trouble maker has no place in Malaysia


Ya lor. This is not BN machai case. Should not take this long to investigate.

Andrew I

Why the brackets? An afterthought?


Polis state? You like it? Or is it anger-retribution for losing reality popular votes?
Reminder: The Rakyat are the TRUE boss of this country.
Remember this: Politicians & civil servants including the polis are paid by the Rakyat to work for the Rakyat.


There is definitely no place for corruption, cheating, subverting the electoral process. Idiot GK why didn`t you ask the police to also speed up all these investigation. You are just an incorrigible sycophants of UMNO

Sanjay B

Comedians like you also dont have a place in this country! Trouble makers? What would you call Perkasa? How about Utusan? Zahid? As always, this Gelakan would have no answers (intelligent ones). I dont blame him though.

Having gorged on too much of the 1Malaysia ‘Farce-Food’ fair, the free concerts, lucky draws etc etc can cause many a warped perspective.


Nyalakan Lilin? Nak sembahayang ke? Ini ke cara Islam bagi segelintir orang Islam! Dah buat salah, salahlah. Nak gulingkan kerajaan yang dipilih rakyat dengan terpekik terlolong, apa halnya. Buktikan yang SPR menipu?


“I will monitor every word, every sentence, every paragraph and every news item in Malaysiakini. You don’t play fire with me.” Home Alone Minister.
Wah, so free ah?
Nak cari makan, pun susah. GST datang, lagi-lagi susah. Siapa ada masa lapang baca orang punya berang api?
He thinks he’s the boss. Even my ex-boss dared not threaten his staff like that!
Rakyat are the real boss, please remember that.


Earlier GST was supposed to be 4% but now with all the buy votes it has increased to 7%. You see nothing is free and these poor still do not realized it. Maybe another BRIM but wait another 4 years from now


How nice to see people of all races gathered to stand with Adam.


Adam is our David!! The more they try to intimidate a defenceless young man, the more the sympathy of the rakyat for the young man and the more disgust for the authorities will grow. We all know how the story of David and the Gorilla went….

Andrew I

They’re too stupid to realize that.


stay strong adam ….. all power with you.