Aliran Young Writers Workshop: Elections and Change


This workshop, with the theme Pilihan Raya dan Perubahan or Elections and Change, will focus on stimulating discussions and ideas about what young people (aged 18-35) can do to be heard and to effect changes in the coming general election.

Workshop participants will spend the first day learning about the topic and picking up writing tips and techniques including how to draw in readers and get their ideas across clearly and creatively.

Participants will spend the second day writing while facilitators will be on hand to guide them. The first drafts will then be presented to the other workshop participants for their views, before they are further amended.

An experienced writer will also review the drafts and provide constructive ideas on how they can be improved. Polished versions will then be published on the Aliran website, subject to editorial clearance.

Have a look at the work of the young writers from our previous workshops.

Workshop details:

Date: Sat/Sun 24-25 March 2018
Time: 9am – 5pm
Venue: Aliran, 103 Medan Penaga, 11600 Jelutong, Penang
Facilitators: Azmil Tayeb, Mustafa K Anuar, Henry Loh and Anil Netto
Language: Malay/English
Age group: 18-35
Registration fee: RM20 (Payment can be made on the day of the workshop)

To register, fill up the online form below. If you don’t see it, click here.

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Ho Wan Lai

USM young writers not able to investigate and report on why the Sg 2 road traffic and nearby river upgrading projects not complete on time causing misery to people especially the residents?


Thats is why laying tram tracks are not red beans or kacang putih. Once cut elect lines and unable to restore, ah pek will again kau beh. Kau bu


Keep Writing, and also Keep Talking, as in this Pink Floyd’s song featuring the voice of Stephen Hawking:

For millions of years mankind lived just like the animals
Then something happenend which unleashed the power of our imagination
We learned to talk

Ho Wan Lai

Many young 18years old SPM holders are now at Star Education Fair seeking courses for their future. There is no Journalism related course from what i see, so there is niche market to train future social conscious writers which perhaps Anil can seriously look into to establish syllabus of such diploma studies. Students can join internship at to face life realities when they have to cope with and response to tough criticisms from real life Ah Peks and Penang Lang. I am sure Anil can be a good mentor whom The Star Wong CW can be envy of.


tunglang can organise such workshop to teach how to write Malaysian-styled fairy tales or Dongeng Nusantara.


You want the x-perience the real thing (supernatural)?
I can organise for you (only).
No guarantee you will survive thro’ the night to see a glimpse of rising sun!
One place I would love to recommend to you:
The oldest dorm (red brick) of Mutiara Taman Negara, the 1st room. Here you with fairy luck may experience the flying Dongeng Nusantara Jenglot.
Don’t just read my fairy tale, take my challenge!



Young people (aged 18-35) mostly prefer to be TN50 Ambassadors to launch their career in BN?


They give peanuts. Game is to stave rakyat and then give some peanuts to make rakyat feel grateful to the giver. Country is rich with petronas in billions. But there are mani leakages and hide under official secrets and threats like aca. What happen to all the investigation of tunnel rats? Waiting to blow out during election?


Can get biz contract kangtao as BN members servicing the government.


Some bn members are more equal than others. Where are gilakan and mca bn members or ministers. Why soooo many ministers in pm department? Rakyat pay taxes and they play politics.