Do you hear the people sing?


A moving song from the musical ‘Les Misérables in Concert: The 25th Anniversary’.

The message here is don’t underestimate the collective will and wisdom of the people.

Thanks to blog reader Oon Wee Chin for the link.

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11 Jan 2013 9.09am

Go watch the movie version of “Les Miserables” in the cinema, it has just been nominated for Best Picture in the Academy Awards. It touches and moves you. Just be prepared to leave the cinema feeling emotionally drained. The musical is preaching economic revolution, the downtrodden rising up against the wealthy few and a police force hellbent on defending the status quo – something quite similar to our current situation in Malaysia.

14 Jan 2013 11.45am
Reply to  herman

Well said!

16 Jan 2013 12.22pm
Reply to  herman

Thank you for the recommendation. The movie won best musical in the Golden Globe Awards.

Having watched the movie, I am now more inspired to lend my support to the Ubah movement.

Move over, BN!

KY Ong
KY Ong
9 Jan 2013 2.12pm

“Allah”……this word had indeed became a very sensitive word. DAP & PAKATAN RAKYAT said it’s OK for the non-Muslim to used this word as to describe their respective god. However, the Sultan of Selangor said yesterday that the word ‘Allah” should be restricted to Muslims only. So which is which now??? Confused, ya??? Puzzling, right??? Regardless whether which is which, I only know 1 thing. DAP overpowers PAS in Pakatan Rakyat. PAS supporters are a bunch of cowards of whom have no guts & courage to defend their beloved god-religion. All PAS supporters could do is to quietly observe how… Read more »

Salak (@Salak97628845)
9 Jan 2013 1.16pm

Sure, anil! Rakyat melagu “Terang Bulan”! You tak dengar ke? Tiap-tiap malam!