Dissolve state assembly, say 72 per cent of you


So far, as at 1.52pm today, 72  per cent of the 258 respondents to the online poll on this blog think the best solution to the Perak situation is to dissolve the state assembly and pave the way for fresh state-wide elections.

Another 20 per cent of you think by-elections would resolve the situation.

That’s over 90 per cent calling for new polls in one form or another.

This could sort out the mess once and for all.


Meanwhile, Malaysian Insider is reporting about possible rifts in Negri Sembilan Umno and speculation about defections to PKR.

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Hi Anil,

We need honest people in Government. (Those defecting) have none.


I’m so sick and tired with all these political shenanigans! I’m sick of BN trying to rob the rakyat of their rightfully elected government through nefarious means. I’m just plain fed up with the entire government, the system, the cronies, the money politics … AGH!

Here Malaysia is going to be bowled over by a worldwide recessesion, and what do our leaders do? Throw OUR money at each other for power.

I really hate them all right now.


If it comes to a deadlock, let the people speak up. Go back to the voters – afterall this is democracy!


Snap election Gives it to Perakians They are hungry for it Don’t waste the opportunity Now to clean up the house Get the dirty crooks away Put them to pasture Groom the next leaders We don’t want self centered leaders We want leaders for the people Working hard for the country Let us decide the state fate Then the country Pakatan government in Perak Nizar and his band must quickly decide Convince the Sultan for the good of the state Let’s play ball and see who score the majority? Perakians are ready Kick the ball let us play We will… Read more »