Dirty tricks surface in Kuala Terengganu



Pakatan workers found this fake newspaper yesterday trying to pass itself as the Terengganu Pas newsletter, Kuala, when it is actually running down the Pas candidate (at the bottom left) as someone who is a sleepy-head.

img_1343The genuine publication

Meanwhile, a pop-up at the Umno-online site describes it as an “attack site”. Check it out here.

Also check out this BBC podcast on race-based politics in Malaysia.

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Wrong audience to beg for sympathy. They should have rolled out Wi-Fi in the kampungs well-before this election! ;))


Ezam is no player here. He has been booed by many in few of his appearance here. Bringing Ezam here is a liability to UMNO – a big mistake again by UMNO.The general population here hates Ezam. A comment from an educated 30-year old, “Anwar gentlemen. Dia tak suka bermusuh dengan orang. Dia beriman dan tak berdendam. Isu surat ni cerita lama. Dah tak ada modal lagi, guna surat pula. Ni politik budak-budakan.” A young lady voter commented, “Siapa Ezam ni? Orang tak kenal pun. Orang upahan ke?”. Yes, Ezam is a non-issue here. The general population here feel that… Read more »

Sang Song

With this Ezam,…. He has no political backbone, jumping from UMNO to PKR and then back to UMNO.

His credibility is not only not credible…


another “brilliant job” by BN?
it can only make the people feel more & more disgusted with them.
btw, ezam tu siapa??? UMNO tiada pemimpin kut???

Jubur Hang Seedaap!!

Thank you Ezam! At least the letter shows Anwar is ready to forgive and forget what TDM has done to him! Not like Ezam,…


Ezam revealation on Anwar’s letter to Mahathir shall not backfire PR, at least Anwar still respect his senior and wanted to make peace with a senile citizen.

Political turncoat is more like a cartoon to amuse audience.

Samuel Goh Kim Eng


Let there be no dirty trick
Only to have conscience pricked
Let genuine voters honestly pick
Own choice without fear of any stick

(C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng – 160109
Fri. 16th Jan. 2009.


Better to show our PM sleeping. The man that runs our country, Malaysia….!

That’s genuine lah……..!

Angela Ooi

I am curious to know WHERE are the boxes of evidence? I am sure many people are also waiting…..


what do you think about the letter show by Ezam? and DSAI didn’t deny that .

Still believe in DSAI?
your choice to judge?