Dharmendran’s death makes world news


News of N Dharmendran death has flashed across the world, highlighting the scandal of custodial deaths in Malaysia to a global audience.

Many Malaysians expect nothing less than the Independent Police Complaints and Misconduct Commission, a key recommendation of a Royal Commission of Inquiry.

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An Independent Police Compliant Board must be set up to investigate the many deaths in cuustody. Oh why do the Malaysian Government not take strong step to STOP the deaths ? when so many have died under Malaysian Polis Custody? ….a few terribly evil police personnel are getting away with murder ..as evidenced that till this day,no one has been charged for the crime committed by men who are supposed to protect the public.


you whats the meaning of … /will it be the same if it happens in your famil members …

Gerakan K

Why always insist on IPCMC ??? Even there is IPCMC, the opposition kakis always complain if they are not agree with ‘results’. Look at how opposition kakis calling the new MACC.

Just forget it. If “you” want IPCMC, then win next GE and you can do whatever you want. You here = pakatan kakis

Gerakan K

No big deal about world news. The U.S. schools shooting also made world news. Same gender marriage laws also made worlds news.

semuanya OK kot

Some of us racists think we are superior to “criminals”, and that these things don’t happen to “good” guys. We look down on and exploit those who differ, especially foreigners. We worship the rich and despise the poor. Let us hope we don’t wake up too late – when we are already enslaved.


What is Waytha waiting for?

najib manaukau

If Malaysia cannot make world news in other areas, at least they can claim they can with the death of Dhamendran while in custody of the police. The police now cannot blame the death onto anyone else !
Another Indian yet you still have Indian willing, for a few ringgit, in the cabinet to endorse the action of the police.


It looks like the most dangerous & life threatening place is in the lock ups than in the streets & backlanes of Jalan Petaling, Jalan Imbi, Jalan Alor. More than 100 cases of death in custody & few convictions for murder (if any at all) show what kind of civilised law & order we have in the buildings of law enforcement agencies including the MACC with ‘defect’ windows.
So appalling & repugnant, the reputation of our men in blue is no better …