Democracy under a tree


A message from DEMOCRACY TREE

I am just a tree, why not be like me..
I give shelter, and rest to all in need, you can see.
There’s shade under my branches, come and take your rest
You’ll know then, that I am simply Nature’s gift and I ….did my best.

Shakuntala, an anak Bangsa Malaysia who adores trees and spends time just staring at their beauty and generosity and who believes in the fusion of Nature with human activity.

Some people are saying the tree in question is a yellow flame tree. Can anyone verify this?

Continuing on the tree theme, I wrote the following for IPS:

It has already been dubbed “Pokok Demokrasi” or Democracy Tree and is set to enter the annals of folklore in Ipoh, capital city of Perak state.

In an open space beneath this 60-foot high rainforest tree and another lush mango tree nearby, the state legislative assembly of peninsular Malaysia’s second largest state held an emergency session Tuesday as a crowd of several hundred looked on.

In a morning of high drama, Perak State Assembly Speaker V. Sivakumar, attired in his full ceremonial regalia, solemnly put forward three motions to the 27 elected assembly members from the People’s Alliance.

The first was a vote of confidence in Mohd. Nizar Jamaluddin as the legitimate Menteri Besar (equivalent to chief minister). The second was a motion to seek permission from the Sultan of Perak for the dissolution of the state assembly, paving the way for fresh elections – a prospect that remains unlikely given the impasse…. Full article

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I write to lend moral support to all my fellow fair-minded and informed Perakians who support and continue to support, come what may, the PR Coalition for the bold stand it took against the injustices perpetrated by the ugly BN on the representatives that you elected them to office at the General Election on March 8, 2008 As a Perakian myself, although I may not be physically present in the silvery state to witness the intrigues and furtive machinations of the BN Coalition to stay in power, may I salute Speaker, YB SIVAKUMAR for his thorough knowledge of the Federal… Read more »


where is the sultan ah??? …


Tie a Yellow ribbon round the democray tree…
if you want to set the silver state free.

If I dont see the yellow ribbon round the democracy tree-
Bye bye Democracy..

Well Democray , Democracy .Whatever will be will be .The future not yours to see …till the day enter to cemetery.


@Taipingite ..

Nizar and gang sore losers ???

They are backed by the majority in Perak .. if BN is confident that they have majority support, why dont go to the polls and let the rakyat decide?

Remember that BN gained power not in polls .. it was achieved by reps ‘frogging’ over

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Police now say that the meeting under the tree is “illegal”.
Wow. Trust them to come up with something like this.


Hry Anil why this fellow Mr.Rocky`s blogs… ppl go there feel like puking…

Phua Kai Lit

French Revolution — Tennis Court Oath

Malaysian Revolution for Popular Democracy — Raintree Motions?

Chong Fook Choy

Would it be surprising if one morning soon, Perakians wake up to find the Pokok Demokrasi has been mysteriously felled and all of its parts missing?

I am expecting someone to take it upon themselves to “disappear” the tree before it becomes too entrenched a symbol of democracy in Malaysia.


nizar and his sore-loser gang have made Perak the laughing stock of the world.


(They) will cut down the tree soon…


this sacred tree = yellow flame tree !