Democracy Tree plaque removed



Smashed, scarred and now uprooted and gone without a trace – Photos by Kinta Kid


Now, who did this?: Bro Vincent Corkery, former director of St Michael’s Institution, inspects the site


… and the rakyat are still coming

On the third day, the Democracy Plaque vanishes… Another metaphor for our lost democracy.

Kinta Kid reports from Ipoh:

The plaque under the now famous Democracy Tree has been removed. According to an  eye witness account,  it was removed at around 7.00am today, presumably by the Ipoh City Council’s enforcement department. A view of the site indicates that a tractor was used to remove the structure.

If the culprits think they can remove the quest for democracy by removing the plaque, they are sadly mistaken. Democracy is now deeply embedded in the hearts of many Malaysians by now, and no tractor can uproot that spirit.

But with positive indications in favour of justice, such as the Speaker now being allowed to appoint his own counsel and Mahathir’s remarks about the illegality of the new Perak government, it may not be long before the plaque is returned to its rightful place.

The legend of the Democracy Tree lives on…

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FBN I support PR too. I wish them well and I hope they will succeed in their struggle. The BN bits – oppression, discrimination, bending of the rules, double standards, etc …totally agree that’s why I hope PR won’t develop any of those tendencies (since some see it as a possibility.. even necessity –for the more radical ones …to fight BN at their own game) ..ok, that’s not the main issue here so I will move on. I think, in our minds, the focus is somewhat different…with regards to this particular posting/issue. I am just saying that PR should not… Read more »


K_Y, I don’t mean that asking politicians from both BN and PR to get on with their jobs serving the people is nonsense. What i mean was saying that PR people “get to cry foul to generate more cheap publicity, can again blame it on BN/UMNO and/or proclaim that this is the state of democracy in the country.” is nonsense. I’m sorry I did not point out that part that irk me. PR has been oppressed by Barisan N… since those 3 frogs jump to them. They can’t do this, they can’t do that; but Barisan N can do so… Read more »


lol ok. Sorry to keep pursuing this but I really would like to know that I have the exact tree pinned in my google earth. Wouldn’t do to pin and submit the wrong location into google earth. This would only mislead people who search for the tree. The lat and long you gave earlier mark a spot that isn’t across the road from the State Government bldg. Hope you don’t mind if I ask you again for a confirmation? Thank you again.


Could someone help LJM verify the Google Earth coordinates for the Democracy Tree? – Anil


Anil, thank you for the lat and long of the tree;

“Latitude 4°36′21.45″N
Longtitude 101° 4′45.88″E
– Anil”

However, in another post, you stated is was across the road from the State Government building and in the pictures of the tree I’ve seen, it is very near to some residential houses;

“It’s along Jalan Istana in Ipoh, across the road from the rear entrance of the Perak State Government building, not far from Wisma DAP. – Anil”

Thank you.

Well, those houses are close to the rear entrance of the Perak State Government building complex. – Anil



Yup according to the relevent that is now in Bolehland i dont know the Head of State is the DYMM Agong not the PM as such the wife of the PM is not reffered to as “First lady”
Note in Uk for example it is the PM Tony Blair and Mrs Blair. The term first lady is only used mainly for the USA and republics. The last I checked malaysia is not a republic or is it??
ANIL please verify this bit of info


Bro Anil,
Why not we have campaign to snap photograph under the tree and publish in your website and see, how frequent people vistiting.


They will not be satisfied until they have killed the raintree.
That’s how low they will go to even kill the tree that is only a symbol.


As I have said earlier, Do the hard way to get your message across. Organise a signature campaign. Get a few hundred thousands Perakian voters signature supporting a dissolution of perak state assembly and present it to the Perak Sultan. You can do it in small groups in every snook and corners of Perak. Get it coordinated fast. With the peoples support, it could be completed in a week. Dont waste anymore time countering BN … every move…


The plague is only a symbol. One of the many representing the will of the people and of Justice. You can destroy the plague but you can’t destroy our memory of what transpired and our determination to see you out of Fed Gov next GE. Just you wait.


If asking politicians from both BN and PR to get on with their jobs serving the people is nonsense…then …oh well nvm indeed..

thepplway 求真

just remmember the tree and let see what the teka-teki come true?

1.they go court
2.they ignore the rakyat voices
3.they think next election will be back in big victory? MCA?MIC? Oh, Mind….

you know who ta they?

Victor Lam

A bit out of place but just wondering why is Rosmah Mansor reffered to as the next first lady of Malaysia in blogs and media?
Is it in jest or?? As far as I know the title first lady or first family reffers only to the head of state. Isnt the DYMM Agong the head of state of Malaysia as with all commonwealth countries and nations with royalty the PMs wife or family are not reffered to as first lady etc.

Marketing Man

Well, the plague removes the plaque, next GE we remove the plague. Simple as that.


How about boycotting Ipoh. I will stop going to Ipoh. Not, that I have been to Ipoh recently.



if you have nothing better to say, dont say it…nobody would call u a dumb… if you dont spew nonsense..but since u did, oh well..


Dear Fellow Ipohites

Now is the time for us to see and show how efficient DBI is. Please stop wailing over plaque and writting sob poems about trees.
Go out there and photograph the various issues we have been complaining about to DBI for years.
Yes , photograph every pothole, blocked drain, unkept padangs , uncollected trash and illegal stalls . Anything that DBI should have attended to but hasnt. Get this photos published everywhere and anywhere. Hard maybe in the MSM but try try anyway flood them with pictures of DBIs efficency.


wow! 7 am, is that the new working hours for public office? -_-

cinta pokok



Design a democracy tree T shirt and call it Tree of democracy. The proceeds goes to PR for the legal fees.


The marble plaque to announce the “Death of Democracy & Rule of Law” must seem “Too Painful” for the UMNO/BN Jaguh kampung to “Mirror itself & accept”. What wrong has God’s Tree & the innocent marble plaque done to deserve this “Henious Injustice & Destruction”! How “Desperate” & “Pathetic” can our PM wannabe get to be, to CONTINUE pursuing this “FUTILE” Perak “Hung Exco” issue when the logical would be to “dissolve” the assembly. Desperate People, at Desperate Times, will RESORT to Desperate Henious Actions …. Through “Devine” intervention, UMNO, its Ketetuanan Leaders & their … are now “Outdoing &… Read more »


Enough is enough! The culprits who broke + poured tar over the plaque under the tree in Perak could have been (i) BN goons/foot soldiers, (ii) sly PR people or (iii) “unaffiliated” people who have got nothing better to do…i.e. ANY Tom, Dick or Harry. The salient point is that WE JUST DON’T KNOW. So, please stop all the assumptions, conspiracy theories, predictions, deductions, guesses … For the PR people, whoever destroyed the thing has done them a favour (again!) ..they get to cry foul to generate more cheap publicity, can again blame it on BN/UMNO and/or proclaim that this… Read more »

anna brella

“God has cared for these trees, saved them from drought, disease, avalanches, and a thousand tempests and floods. But he cannot save them from fools.” – John Muir Why was no request made to the council by PR to obtain a permit to erect the plaque there if one was known to be required? And I sincerely hope the clueless idiots at that council understand what is meant by PRIORITIES in Law and Life. And about being able to see and distinguish clearly between the wood, the tree and the forest and so I hope they will take adequate care… Read more »

Mustafa B

how about an online plaque. one that can be seen on the net?


Good riddance to bad rubbish


mca mah is (allegedly) responsible? dia incharged & ordered workers to do it (overtime on Sunday somemore ) at 7am? WOW …7am !!??

btw, the x-pm said ” angkat perak macam ini not constitutional one, MB cannot be SACKED like that one, otherwise the king oso can sack pm
& that will be big masalah for the country lah !”