Defiant light in post-election darkness


Defying prior police warnings that their opposition gathering was illegal, some 60,000 people converged on a field next to a shopping mall on the outskirts of the capital Kuala Lumpur. The May 25 demonstration marked the climax of a series of rallies across Malaysia to protest alleged irregularities and fraud at recently held general elections.

As the field’s floodlights were extinguished, rally-goers held up their illuminated cell phones and lighters, transforming the field into a glowing mass. It was a symbolic statement that three weeks after a much-anticipated general election the widespread shock and outrage over the outcome has yet to dissipate, especially in urban areas.

In the run-up to Saturday’s event, nine post-election rallies dubbed “People’s Voice, Sacred Voice” were held in a string of major cities across the peninsula. Turnout at the events ranged from 30,000 to over 100,000 protestors. A leitmotif among speakers and participants was that the opposition Pakatan Rakyat (PR) had been denied victory in an electoral system stacked in favor of the ruling Barisan Nasional (BN) coalition.

Despite securing 50.8% of the popular vote, PR was unable to dislodge the BN, spearheaded by the dominant United Malays Nasional Organization (UMNO) which has governed the country consecutively since independence was achieved in 1959. The BN managed only 47.3% of valid votes, with that figure dipping lower in the more-developed peninsula.

Full article in Asia Times Online.

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Pakatan lost. None of the complaints made by those loosers were believed or impacted on the unofficial foreign observers including Jim Middleton ABC Australia Broadcaster and present and friend of Anwar Ibrahim. Middleton, embarrassed by Anwar deserted Anwar and made the comment that Anwar and the Pakatan were a bit over the top with their claims. None of the complaints made by the opposition had a scintilla of proof for any independent organization to investigate fraud or irregularities (none of which were defined by the opposition). To continue to publish these far fetched claims without any substance (except for the… Read more »


Utusan must have come out with this wild allegation about Red Bean Army based on what UMNO has done. Utusan must have thought since UMNO does such things, others also does the same. If BN does not know where to draw the line with these wild and baseless allegations, they are just hammering more nails into the coffins of the investment deaths in this country. PHison is a major player in the Taiwan electronic industry and such gutter journalism will not do Malaysia any favours to attract investment from Taiwan, or China for that matter. This is because Taiwan and… Read more »

Gerakan K

Deep thinking is required. Gerrymandering = all voters FORCED/CONTRACTED to vote certain party ??? You have to sit back and think for a long time about this question. Do not blame gerrymandering when you are losing. Also do not blame the following when you are losing: 1)banglas 2)blackout 3)ink 4)weather 5)long queue 6)our voting system 7)EC 8)Utusan 9)perkasa You have to ask voters why they did not vote YOU even YOU promise lots of FREE THINGS. You know, pakatan give you free education up to DEGREE LEVEL (worth at least 50k per student and is way more attractive than BR1M… Read more »


Gerrymandering will continue to be an advantage to BN.
Watch this MiniTV video:


Ralat: It should be KiniTV video. My apology

semuanya OK kot

At 5 when voting closed, the estimated turnout was 80%. When the counting finished the next day, it was 85%.

Gerakan K

What’s wrong there ??? You know what “estimate” means ???


I hope the new IGP can tackle crime with zest, to bring peace yo us.

Phua Kai Lit

The weakness of police states are exposed once the people lose their fear and
refuse to obey in large numbers.


There is no honour in wining a match by cheating. But then this is the BN. The question of honour doesnt arise.

Gerakan K

Prove the alleged cheating in court. No points spreading fairy tales online.


Our police force should focus more on fighting crime, and not harass opposition members.
Remember the ‘Oxy Gang’ is still on the loose!

Gerakan K

A period of madness. Praising the mad men actions are all about in anil blog.

BN won 133 parliament seats in GE13. Sore losers can do whatever they want as long as allowed by the laws. Law breakers will be caught one by one sooner or later.

I expect equal treatment for comments by all readers regardless of what political inclination. It is time to put the principles into practice. Otherwise stop the empty slogan.

Andrew I

cc The Star, Utusan and NST.