DBKL officers raid Occupy Padang Merbok tent site


DBKL officers turned up at the Padang Merbok site to remove the tents at the field. Occupiers had intended to remain put until top Election Commission officials stepped down.


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24 Jun 2013 2.40pm

When you are so used to doing things without regard to the Laws, then this is what happens! No doubt DBKL has often been UNreservedly obeying its POLITICAL masters and forgetting the FACT that the fields belong to taxpayers, there is a time when Pakatan members and supporters have to GIVE in to the simple procedure – ask for permission! They are the property Managers but TADMANSOR does not own it to dictate as he pleased1 In any case,BN won ONLY 4 out of Wilayah’s 12seats so it shouldn’t be ruling Wilayah! Why is BN having the say in DBKL?… Read more »

Lim Boh Eng
Lim Boh Eng
24 Jun 2013 12.58pm

Maintain the rule of law. Ensure public safety. I don’t care your personal issues with EC but don’t disturb the public order. Arrest and charge them according to our nation laws/regulations.

I expect the democratically elected BN gomen will do the right things. The losers in polls should accept defeat gracefully. Shake hands before and after the competition. Thankyou.

24 Jun 2013 9.11am

wonderful efficiency and response time to students armed only with mineral water bottles and rallying for clean, free & fair elections…….while sulu invaders are given a 3 week camping permit