DAP HQ raided, computer etc ‘detained’… what’s next?


This evening, the police raided the DAP office and carted away a computer and related equipment, ostensibly to facilitate investigations.

They brought along arrested Ulu Selangor councillor Ooi Leng Heng, handcuffed and attired in orange lock-up garb.

It’s the first time in history that the DAP HQ has been raided.

And all because 16 DAP activists held a little vigil – or was it a birthday celebration – a couple of days ago?

Now, in addition to being investigated for illegal assembly, the group could be charged under the Printing Presses and Publications Act for circulating a leaflet.

“Tangkap! Tangkap! Tangkap!” seems to be the recurring refrain these days, reflecting the zero-tolerance official policy towards vigils and political gatherings.

Human rights group Suaram has tabulated the recent series of arrests as follows:

5 May 2009
1 arrest – Wong Chin Huat
(He was released on the 8th May)
Arrest at apartment in Seri Sentosa, Kuala Lumpur and taken to Bukit Aman then to IPD Brickfields, KL

6 May 2009
3 arrests – Sani Md Shah, Saufi Mihat, Yasir Sheikh Abdul Rahman
(Released under police bail on the 7th May)
Sending birthday cake to Prime Minister in Putrajaya

6 May 2009
1 arrest – Mohamad Sabu
(Released on the 7th May)
Near the Harakah office in Jalan Pahang Barat, Kuala Lumpur.

6 May 2009
14 arrests
(Released under the police bail on the 6th May)
Candlelight vigil outside IPD Brickfields, KL

7 May 2009
69 arrests
(Released on the 7th May)
Ipoh, Perak

7 May 2009
20 arrests
– Law Teck Hao (arrested on 6 and 7 May)
(Released under police bail on the 8th May)
Candlelight vigil outside IPD Brickfields, KL

7 May 2009
1 arrest – Eng Kiat
(Released under police bail on the 8th May)
Candlelight vigil in Penang

7 May 2009
10 arrests
(Released under police bail on the 7th May)
Candlelight vigil in Sarawak

19 May 2009
11 arrests
– Teo Nie Ching (arrested on 6 and 19 May)
(Released on the 20th May at 3am)
Candlelight vigil outside DAP MP Teresa Kok’s office

21 May 2009
16 arrested in Teratai, Ampang
(They were remanded for 2 days)
– Jenice Lee (arrested on 7 May in Perak ,19 May and 21 May)
Candlelight vigil outside DAP Teratai Service Centre

Total: 146 arrests (142 individuals)

There seems to be a common thread running through nearly all these arrests: mostly public gatherings and mostly related to the BN takeover of Perak.

Sigh, what is happening to Malaysia? Is this what 1Malaysia is all about? Whither democracy?

But we should not despair or lose hope. Much progress has been made over the years in the struggle for democratic reforms. More and more people are yearning for democracy. Those who struggle for truth and justice will prevail in the end.

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Cee Kay

My personal observation, Malaysia is having the WORSE pm today. God bless us.


Now if this not what you call a Police State, I don’t know what it is. Every such occurrence just go further to confirm and reconfirm the state of the PDRM.

Dr.Hamid Ibrahim

Dear Anil:

What is next? My fear is that they will go for ALIRAN and

its allies.

They have nothing else to do but to harrass the true-tellers.


Phua Kai Lit

Signs of weakness, not of strength.

If political legitimacy is lost, you resort desperately to
the “repressive state apparatus” (courts, police etc)


1 Malaysia = 1 police state = one power-crazy political party


my pressure shot up when i saw ooi was hand cuffed while the polis were searching for diamonds. your actions have instilled hatred in their heart….

please.. please.. dont intimidate them anymore . thank you

Angela Ooi

UMNO is using the the bully… in blue to make the rakyat more angry with them. In fact they are doing a favour to the opposition who probably would not have to campaign much in the forthcoming elections…out of the bad comes the good!

Nitasha escamilla

Why relate every action to 1Malaysia?

Let the police carry out their work (or blunder).

If, there has been already enough political awakening in Malaysia, then carry on and vote wisely in the next elections.

Police will definitely go according to the wishes of the majority.

Remember, right now, the BN is in the majority and is governing at Federal level.


Dear Anil, You can rest assured that Najib’s despotic rule has begun. We have never believed even for a second that his so-called 1Malaysia would come to anything that could change Malaysia for the better. As we can see, nothing has changed, instead we are witnessing the emergence of another tyrannical leader similar or far worse than that of Mahathir. To quell dissent for total political dominance, …. police … fire chemical water cannons and tear gas cannisters at unarmed and peaceful demonstrators as if they were Malaysia’s worst enemies and manhandling Malaysians … are the norm. Yes, we can… Read more »


Thats it!!!!Its over and out for BN. Never will be in my life will i ever vote for them.


Najid (appears to be) using his accomplists… as the ‘BAD GUYS’ while his sits on his throne and play the ‘Good Guy’. Just listen to what he is saying – (all politically correct things, aren’t they) . It all a ploy, all advertising gimmoick!


1Malaysia (One Malaysia) is now IMalaysia (I =ego Malaysia).
I Talk you Listen
I Tangkap you Lari
I Win you Lose
I Take you Give
but you Pay my salary.


Rais Yatim, is this your handiwork?…

Kunta Kinte

No to Gutter Politics DAP supremo Lim Kit Siang rhetorically asks whether the MCA, MIC, Gerakan or even Umno leaders will condemn the unprecedented police raid on the DAP Headquarters, a raid conducted without a warrant as required by the Act they purportedly invoked. My deepest suspicion is that there will be a response – a symphony of silence, just like the ones you can easily observe in any graveyard. For far too long now, Malaysians have allowed the MCA, MIC, Gerakan and even Umno leaders so much latitude that they no longer know how to fight fairly, even within… Read more »


Looking at Ooi Leng Heng being handcuffed makes me real mad (and so do so many malaysians of right thiking mind). Is Ooi a hard core criminal or a terrorist to deserve this treatment. What charges the … police have on her to be handcuffed and paraded in public.


After the economic downturn, Mat Salleh companies are going to open in India and China and no more in Malaysia. According to them, India and China are more politically stable.

Gone are the days when Malaysia was the manufacturing hub for all electronics, semiconductors and chips.

I won’t be surprised if even Dell and Intel close shop. Look at the new Inspiron notebooks, no more Made in Malaysia. Now, it is Made in China.

At the end of the day, we lose billions.


wat is MCA, MIC’s opinion or stand about all these arrest?
they hv been sooooooo quiet, anybody notice that?

Leong Yook Kong

Correct, correct, correct, this is “robbery” at DAP Hq. These 11 “head hunters” do not even know under what provision they are “robbing”. They have already resorted to lawlessness.

The people must stand up now and say a resounding YES to defend Malaysia. Let us work together to bring lawfulness back into Malaysia.


“Now you know why loads of people are migrating to Australia.
And those who study overseas, don’t want to come back.”

Do not be silly, time to stand up and fight back. Stop demoralising the Rakyat.

1Black Malaysia. Democracy First. Elections Now.


‘A group of family arrested for celebrating birthday for the father 60th birthday”…
because “Dia ada lilin”, “Dia pegang lilin”

Like most had said, pure intimidation… they r just trying to make every one frighten and keep silence and to control all news and information… looks like they r still living in the 80’s…


The aspiration for freedom and for living in dignity are encoded deep inside the hearts of so many a Malaysian. It is all in vain to decode the confisticated computers. Nasarrudin, the wisely mad Sufist, once was looking for something under a lighted lamp-post. A curious passer-by asked him,”What are you looking?” “A key” “Where do you think you have lost it?” “Inside the house.””But why are you searching here?” ” Because here there is light and my house is dark.” The key is inside the heart of the socially excluded, socially disempowered and discriminated ordinary Malaysians of whatever race.… Read more »


wah, can come to house without warrants one ah…

Somebody lied about making a better malaysia.

So, the birthday cake for Allantunya was arrested and now Mr PC is also arrested. Suaram should jot that down

Marvel stone

My minds made up! This Government is terrorizing its citizens!!
I will vow to vote them out. Everyone of them!! Next election, Umno and BN is OUT.


Stupid fellows! They think this will frighten the Rakyat or Opposition to submission. In fact it has the opposite effect.
The people will find more common ground to despise BN.


Didn’t somebody promise a better Malaysia when he was made the new PM recently? How can a deterioration of people’s rights be for a better Malaysia? How can we believe all these rhetorics?