Crackdown on uni students: BN’s awful start to New Year


The high-handed police action action against the university students at Tanjung Malim has handed the BN an awful start to the New Year.

With one fell swoop, it has exposed the farce of Najib’s plan to supposedly transform the country into the “world’s best democracy”.

A student is lying injured in hospital. Let’s state the obvious: what happened to the students in the wee hours of the New Year is not going to endear the Najib administration to the awakening students’ movement. And that’s not counting the close to 100000 unemployed graduates and diploma holders…

For too long, our university students have been suppressed and stifled. And then we wonder why our students are unable to think creatively and analyse issues.

Najib’s much-touted reforms had held out a glimmer of hope for greater democracy, including freedom of assembly and greater freedom on campus – but he has so far failed to deliver when it counts. A deep disappointment – but then again was much ever expected from his administration?

Read Aliran’s statement condemning the heavy-handed action today.

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‘KUALA LUMPUR: The student movement Solidariti Mahasiswa Malaysia (SMM) admits that some of its members have performed badly academically.
Due to that they will put their studies on hold first while they continue to fight for academic freedom, SMM president Ahmad Syukri Abdullah told The Mole’

I guess they have got their priorities mixed up!!!


Uni students are now more aware of the ills of Umno.


The Govt has RPK by his bxxxs. His son is in deep trouble with the law. Given the choice of saving his son or DSAI, it is a clear decision. Attacking DSAI is one thing, but “carpet bombing” PR means something else. Najib needs a solid re-shuffle. He has to reduce the impact of DPMs support in the cabinet. That is why Dr M was a Master in his own Evil way. All the DPMs at his time must toe the line, otherwise, they get dumped – bloody too at times. So, DPM wants FLOM & Mr FLOM out of… Read more »


… Simple as Umno’s motto that everyone has its price.


UPSI is supposed to be training teachers and educators. Looks like its students are also not happy with the present government or has the present government lost control of the students ?


BTN has gone wrong?


The start of a new era for the nation ?
The young and more insaf folks with wider exposure to internet and alternative views now realize we cannot tolerate corruption of highest degree resulting in potential bankcruptsy of the nation !
Vote for the future and tak mau rasuah !!!!!

Gerakan K

RPK also said reject GAY for the PM post.

Andrew I

You talking from personal experience?

Andrew I

Also, what does RPK say about BN?


That must be a painful experience if it’s a real life first timer experience to make us believe! Is that true, Mr Mulder (of X-Files’ I Want To Believe)?

Andrew I

Haha, best democracy. It’s the best democracy for some people i.e. a charade to divert attention from the growing number of prying eyes.

That’s the problem with kids who have been brought up on bread that’s good enough to eat on its own. If they can survive the mold for two weeks, they’re bound to ask more awkward questions.

Unless, of course, you can answer back with dignity.


i wonder if this is the harbinger of things to come in 2012 under the purported reforms by this government. Strange for the cops to ignore that. You wonder who is running the country now.