Court finds Anwar guilty, but his star still shines


The Court of Appeal may have found Anwar Ibrahim guilty as charged but there is no doubting that the man’s stature as one of the icons of the pro-democracy movement remains undiminished. If anything, it has been enhanced – probably much to the chagrin of BN leaders.

If Anwar is locked away, another spell of incarceration will only galvanise the movement for change and reforms.

First stop, Kajang by-election.

Never mind that some may have had reservations about the Kajang Move. That pales into insignificance now. Instead, the Kajang by-election will now be transformed into a barometer of public sentiment.

Kajang voters now have a heavy responsibility to send a clear and unmistakeable message that they want change in the country, real change.

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Manakau, i can just smile when reading your last para.

I agree not everyone will change but many among us believe anwar is a changed person, give him a chance we cant be any worse.

I disagree on the part you said he was waiting for umno to take him back. I think these are all (misinformation) from Zaid ibrahim. The latter is no more contesting in the kajang by election.

najib manaukau

Hi Kee, Thanks for your remarks and response. Just remember those schmucks Umno warlords are for sure racists, but please remember who were their mentors ? egregious Mahathir and AI, period. … I was taught from young that to forgive is divine, that may be true and may be I am a bad student in this instance. Because I firmly believe that leopards cannot change their spots just like these two individuals. Don’t be fooled by Anwar for his recent years of silence over the calls for the non pendatangs especially the Chinese to go back to their forefathers’ countries.… Read more »

Anna Sternfeldt

This is of course to distract attention to the real thing, it is really an ugly game. But I also just have to say: leave people’s sex life alone!I have no idea what Anwar did or didn’t but I don’t care, as that is his private business. I know that the law in Malaysia says something else, but I hope the law will mature one day.

najib manaukau

This is what I predicted two years ago will happen to Anwar. But don’t dispair with the verdict of Anwar, on the contrary it might turn out to be a blessing for the people especially for Malaysia ! Recent events have revealed, to some extend, what this … AI was aspiring for, first he wanted or shall I say he was aspiring to be the PM of Malaysia at all cost and when he couldn’t become the PM he then was aiming to become the MB of Selangor, which is the richest state in Malaysia at least for now. All… Read more »


Dear manakau

Anwar was racist, etc etc but that was his past. Tell me which Umno man is not racist.

Many believe he is a changed person from his umno days. Many umno men had shouted for the blood of certain race ( including kangkung pm) and even asked them to go back to their “home” country but Anwar never spoke a word about shedding of blood of that race nor asked them to leave the country.

So, please let us bury his past.


Anil, off topic are u aware mas with 200 plus passengers went missing…


Really? Anyone who disagrees is paid by BN? C’mon. The younger leaders in Pakatan now need to step up and show its not just one man holding it together. If cannot go and get a job and get some experience leading some organizations. We don’t want leaders without any real world experience – running rallies don’t count.

Pak Tim

Hey, professional full time bn cybertroopers, stop hogging cyberspace.


When Anwar, LGE, Nizar and PR leaders win their cases like the many recent defamation cases , no problem its fair. But when they loses its unfair. When PR supporters and DAP red bean hog cyberspace hey its OK. But when BN, Gerakan, MCA supporters and cybertroopers hog cyberspace, they are stupid and must be stopped. We have heard so much of PR supporters talking about fairness. Is this the fairness they are talking about


One need issues and action to stay relevant
PR DAP PKR & PAS need this one to stay afloat

Phua Kai Lit

To the leaders of Pakatan Rakyat :

Stop quarreling (over trivial things), get your s… together and focus on the main goals

1. End the gross (mis)rule of Malaysia by kleptocratic
UMNO BARU-BN by peaceful, non-violent means by GE14.

2. Teach the Doctor a lesson for his latest diabolical act i.e.
forcing the weak 1PM to succumb …..

5 years … prevents DSAI from leading Pakatan Rakyat to victory in GE14.

Wipe the smirk off his face by securing overwhelming Pakatan Rakyat victory in the Kajang by-election, make the opportunist and the pretty airhead lose their deposits.

Rich Daddy

This Anwar thing is a DISTRACTION from the price hikes tsunami. Please do not fall into the trap. The real issue here is price hiking tsunami and not Anwar & sodomy !!!


Rich Daddy, I think we must look into the overall aspect starting from the the Kajang case. Resignation of Kajang adun and Anwar to stand for by election and will be MB. Up to now Khalid has still not indicate that he will resign as MB. Then come the PKNS issue and PKR election to which there are speculation on who and who will take over the President and Deputy President post. Again Rafizi and many others were all talking of Anwar as MB and to protect Selangor from falling into the hand of BN. PR has more than 45… Read more »