Cartoon books on cartoon phobia seized


Update: Zunar arrested. But his book launch tonight will proceed as planned, according to Malaysiakini editor Steven Gan. See CartoonKafe.

A couple of days ago, I thought that would make a strange and ‘arresting’ headline.

Sad to say, reality can be real strange. Malaysiakini reports that half a dozen police personnel raided Zunar’s business premises and confiscated 66 copies of his latest cartoon book ‘Cartoon-o-phobia’, due to be launched tonight. 

What can you say…

Read Soon Chuan Yean’s ‘What else are they going to control?’, which appeared in Aliran Monthly.

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Looks on the bright side… at least it got FREE publicity in the mainstream media….

tan, tanjong bungah

Hi everyone,

BN and its govt agencies are forever shooting their own foot! The arrest only makes more and more people aware of the book launch, even more are now curious about the book.

The heavy-handed action of the govt agency only serves to make people be more averse to BN!


Soon we all will be arrested for speaking out.


Malaysians are being led through a massive sandiwara by the rhetorics of all leading politicians in order to let the Rakyat lose its guard for the next GE. This is enough testimony to the fact that the rakyat has no alternative but for an Alternate Government of the people and by the people and not by the EC and BN.


This is happening while the racist school principals are still free as a bird?

Polis has got their priority wrong.