Close contest in Batang Ai



Good news. Aliran Monthly is releasing its latest cover story online in time for the by-elections. The lead story puts the spotlight on Batang Ai.

Agi idup, agi ngelaban? Will the River burst the Dam?

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And here are a couple of stories I wrote:

A referendum on the Perak power grab
MIC’s future hangs in the balance

And this is a must-read on the distribution of ASB shares: Did you know…?

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Andrew choo
Andrew choo
7 Apr 2009 3.16pm

It is important not to fall for the carrot. Past elections have shown that carrots did not mean anything after the event. Vote for the better team for a better future.

6 Apr 2009 6.26am

🙂 Chin up now all you Batang Aions and say LOUDLY altogether now please as you kick-out the bad yukkiness from UMNO/BN: A NEW WAAHHHAAYYYYYY TO GO for Sarawak with PR & Jawah Gerang! And this was offered up helpfully today from 🙂 friend Harry’s teacup: “Help Malaysia up from the yukky UMNO/BN gutters so she can fly with the world’s best of breed” Please strongly reject any offerings from yukky UMNO/BN to buy your vote, but if you 😐 cannot be so strong, then go ahead and be weak and take it (it’s yours anyways) but then make sure… Read more »

5 Apr 2009 10.34pm

I am not so optimistic about Batang Ai.I believe that its an unhill task for PR and BN will win in BI.