Zunar’s cartoon tribute to Aliran Monthly


Political cartoonist Zunar has been a loyal reader of Aliran Monthly since 1985. Catch his tribute to Aliran Monthly.

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Lat Cartoons – relevant during Tunku Abdul Rahman’s era where there was true sense of Muhibbah.

Zunar Cartoons – relevant to current era highlighting polarising factors caused by poor administration.


What has the Chinese got for supporting … Umno for supporting Umno all these years ? Therefore Najib stop telling Chinese to stop demanding things when they are supporting the opposition. The Chinese tsunami you came up with must have knocked your senses, if you have any to begin with… You can get rid of the 8 Chinese MPs you presently have in the coalition lackeys, after all even when you got them cabinet positions right now just remember they don’t represent the Chinese. Their positions in the cabinet are not going to get you and all your fellow any… Read more »


Is it possible for Najib to see us as Malaysians instead of different races?
That would be a good start so there is fairness and equality. Is it that difficult? Please get rid of race based politics and let everyone enjoy the piece of the pie.
I suppose it is too much to wish for.


The court has asked for Zunar cartoon book to be lifted from ban by BN.

Zunar should take the next step to turn his work into animation to gain more audience.


Zunar political satire cartoons a hit among urban n rural Msians who seldom read but enjoy graphical animation.
Lunar may be inspired to draw current hot issues like Nancy Shukri being mouthpiece for umno at expense of moral conscience do as to hold on to minister position (Zaid said so)………