Zaid Ibrahim to address media freedom activists


Be there or be square!On Sunday, 1 June, journalists and concerned citizens are planning to taking a symbolic Walk at Dataran Merdeka to promote the cause of media freedom.

The organisers stress that it is not a public gathering but a walk.

They expect Zaid Ibrahim to deliver a keynote address. According to the organisers, Zaid has made two requests – that journalists turn up in large numbers and that this programme calls for ethics and accountability as much as it calls for freedom.

The event is being organised by Benar and the Centre for Independent Journalism. It should be interesting!

For more info, click here.

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Jeffrey Chew
25 May 2008 7.38pm

Great…..but I hope it won’t become another ra-ra event for the BN.

27 May 2008 10.17am

oops. sorry. the ‘foosing’ above my name was actually me. i log on WP with that person’s name to do something and when i came here to comment, i didn’t realise the name ‘foosing’ was ‘auto’ insert in the comment name field.

26 May 2008 11.41am


26 May 2008 11.40am

Walking in large numbers will soon be classified as a form of civil disobience…. sorry, only joking lah…..or maybe not.

26 May 2008 5.43am

New Cabinet:

Prime Minister – Anwar

Deputy Prime Minister – Lim Kit Siang

Culture Minister – Farish Noor

Defence Minister –

Education Minister – Nga Kor Ming

Environment Minister – Teresa Kok

Finance Minister – Tony Pua

Foreign Minister – Ramasamy

Health Minister – Tan Seng Giaw

Home Minister –

Information Minister – Jeff Ooi

Law Minister – Teng Chang Khim

Manpower Minister –

Sports Minister –

Technology Minister –

Trade Minister – Khalid

Transport Minister – Liew Chin Tong

(Penang Chief Minister – Lim Guan Eng)

26 May 2008 2.09am

Let us hope that no one is water-cannoned with chemical laced water. It is becoming abundantly clear that it was the attitude of the Police prior to the Tsunami both in using water cannons; creating wilful traffic jams thinking that the Public are fools to fall for their duplicity; checking every Indian looking soul entering the city and sending so many poor unwitting souls back – all coincided well to make the citizens to take their wratth on the BN. In the final analysis some may tend to agree that the Police and RELA helped to bring down the BN… Read more »

26 May 2008 12.14am

thanks for so fast posting this up, anil. appreciate it. hope you can attend the walk.

26 May 2008 12.02am

thanks for posting this up so fast, anil! hope you can make it to the walk since you are a journalist.

25 May 2008 11.04pm

No Tear Gas & Water Cannon ah????