Youth concert held in Malacca to support Bersih


A youth concert to express solidarity with Bersih and the anti-Lynas movement was held at the Pay Hong school hall in Malacca last night.

Among those attending were Ambiga, Pak Samad and Hisham Rais.

“Melaka youth lighting up the stage with talent, passion. They deserve a better Malaysia,” tweeted Ambiga. “Just when you think people have forgotten you see they never will if the cause is right. Hidup Rakyat!”

Someone spotted the MCA Malacca Wanita Chief taking a picture with Ambiga at the Bersih concert.

Meanwhile, over in Penang, Suaram held a briefing on the latest updates into the Scorpene inquiry. Among those speaking were Liew Chin Tong of DAP and Mujahid Yusof Rawa of Pas.

Further north, in Kuah, Langkawi, Chang Lih Kang, the Perak State Assembly member for Teja, tweeted that a group of about 50 bikers tried to disturb a Merdeka Rakyat ceramah.

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Super Senior

Anil should give a tribute to superstar Rajesh Khanna who has just passed away.

In the early 70’s, Malaysians of all races were mesmerized by his movie Haathi Mere Saathi, a Disneyesque appeal with an Indian twist.

Sadly today’s Finas-sponsored local malay movies cannot pull in non-malay crowd like this movie. RIP Rajesh Khanna!

“Chal Chal Chal Mere Saathi” was a hit song from the movie, featuring the elephants!


RE : Someone spotted the MCA Malacca Wanita Chief taking a picture with Ambiga at the Bersih concert.

Mass exodus of barang naik folks with the eminent demise of race-based parties ????

Gerakan K

Dap itu multiracial kah ??? Tunku Aziz sudah tiada dalam Dap. Tanya Tunku Aziz lah samada Dap itu multiracial ???

Andrew I

Hey, how about your blogger and ex utusan editor friends who joined DAP?

aaron a

AK47 itu cukup hebat !!!
Belum rasa belum tahu, sudah rasa lagi mahu.
Jom GK sedar diri ikut gelombang tsunami akan datang !
Selamatkan Malaysia.

Gerakan K

Provocation after provocation. What happen to Malaysia now ??? I expect Burger stall v2.0 to solve the PROBLEM !!!

Andrew I

Difficult to sell beef burger to vegetarian. Go bankrupt very fast.