The real reason the PSM 6 were freed


You want the official version or the other side?

According to the official line:

The government has accepted the decision by police to free six Parti Socialis Malaysia (PSM) activists who were detained under the Emergency Ordinance (EO) last month, in good faith.

“It is up to the Attorney-general to decide on what appropriate action to take. As a nation, we stand by the principle of the rule of law,” Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak told reporters… (Bernama).

But Dr Jeyakumar, in a text message, offers a different reason: “It was the massive public support that pushed Hishammuddin (Home Minister) to over-ride the Dep IGP’s intention to keep us longer. Thanks for all the support.”

Which version do you believe?

Meanwhile blog reader Ahmad reports from Penang:

I shaved bald this morning in support of the PSM 6 and against EO and ISA at Bayan Baru Market. I was encouraged to see young men and ladies who had their long hair shaved for a cause they believe in. Really, these youngsters, some came in Bersih 2.0 tees, give us hope.

Proud of you all, ladies and gentlemen who shaved for a good cause, for Dr. Jeyakumar, the most low profile and most productive lawmaker and the PSM 5! It was all 1Bersih Malaysia at the shaving event; there were Chinese, Malays, Indians, truly Malaysia of the Pakatan Rakyat kind.

Where were you, Mr. Anil Netto? I was looking forward to meeting my favourite blogger.

Salam 1Bersih Malaysia! Youths of Malaysia, wake up, Selamatkan Malaysia!

Sorry, Ahmad. Guess I missed all the fun over there…

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Ong Eu Soon

It is the tremendous public support and the decision to go for hunger strike that forced the government to release the 6 detainees.

telur dua

Najib talks about the Rule of Law. Hehehe……….so funny.

Sarah Devi

Accoding to my MIC friend, It was Palanivel who made a demand for the EO6 release as a way to show that MIC cares for the Indian community.

Palanivel’s ministerial post from Najib are one of the candies for Indians just before the election, a typical BN’s way of getting indian’s support.

If the indians are going to fall for this over and over again do not complain you have nothing. Think and decide carefully who do you want to represent you. BN or Opposition. More than 5 decade what do you have?

Ahmad Sobri

Palanaveil, can continue to go to sleep and 50 years later, the Indians will still be where they are today.

Will Najib listen to Palanaveil? LOL!


i dont know la, the Indians seemed easily sway, why?

I thought HINDRAF was sincere but looks like the leaders are opportunists actually… They sit beside Najib now !!!


According to the latest banci/census, Indians is no longer the third largest community in Malaysia, as they have been outnumbered by pendatang asing.

Sadly today the Indians are still divided, as if the caste system is still there, instead of staying united in Hindraf to get their voice heard, knowing the ineffectiveness of MIC.


That arrogant … Khalid Abu Bakar thinks he’s tough. He has a chip on his shoulder from having had to deal with Michael Jeyakumar during the JERIT fiasco when, as Selangor CPO, Khalid ordered the arrest of dozens of young PSM volunteers who were only riding bicycles to raise awareness on important issues pertaining to less privileged Malaysians. I’m so proud of Malaysians post-Bersih 2.0… they have shown the world we are ready at last for participatory democracy! Long live the Rakyat and Heaven Bless Michael Jeyakumar and his brave colleagues in PSM.


Under this 1Malaysia regime, we have only seen repression of our democratic rights and institutions. Unless Najib can reverse this backsliding into the tyranny of the Mahathir years, we may well remember him as Bapa Kezaliman.


Anil, I am only too happy and thankful the Lord has answered all our prayers for Dr Michael Jeyakumar Devaraj and Co. And ever since Dr Miachael’s detention, it has been on my mind to post on your blog just as suggested by some posters in your blog here -that this caring and down-to-earth doctor be given the portfolio of a Health Minister, should the opposition win the GE13 (and is not even sure when it will be as the goal post keeps changing by the day). Rest assured all poor in the interior (Sabah and Sarawak), kampungs, estates will… Read more »



Sarah Devi

BN eventually realised that it cannot resort to the communist bogey to legitimise the illegal and inhuman detention of PSM6. The communist bogey use-by date is over and therefore would not have the magical effect it once had, as rakyat is well-informed in this internet age.

The PSM6 epitomises fearless critics of corruption, nepotism and overall bad governance, racist divide-and-rule policies, and the unfair distribution of the nation’s wealth, all of which have become the dominant features of the BN government over their 54 years in power.

Phua Kai Lit

When a more progressive govt comes to power at the federal level in Malaysia, I would be very happy to see Dr Jeyakumar
holding office as the Minister of Health.

Andrew I

Yes, instead of owl face.


That will bring great sunshine to our public health services.
I am looking forward to Dr. Jeyakumar as our Minister of Health and Long Life.
My support for him.


I wonder if eve BN mouthpieces have any problem deciding which version is true. I certainly did not! On a tangent, may I ask a big favour of you, Anil? I went to Nasir’s service centre today at lunchtime to try to get someone there to help me to pass an envelope to Jayaakumar and the other 5 E06 heores/heroines. In it was an ang-pow for each of the EO6 with some money which I wanted them to buy themselves a good lunch. My way of saying ‘THANK YOU!”. Unfortunately, the office was closed. If I sent the money to… Read more »

Andrew I

Here’s a song from my favorite baldie, dedicated to a doctor of great compassion and humility: