Kamanaka Hitomi, Philip White: Voices in the wilderness


Philip White - Photo credit: metropolis.co.jp
Former Adelaide resident Philip White works for the Tokyo-based Citizens Nuclear Information Centre. This anti-nuclear group had consistently warned of an emergency like the one we are now witnessing in Japan.

Kamanaka Hitomi - Photo credit: cnic.jp

Hitomi Kamanaka, an indie film-maker, has produced documentaries about local residents’ opposition to nuclear power plants. Only a few weeks ago, clashes erupted between residents and construction workers in Iwai Island as attempts were made to build yet another nuclear power plant.

ABC has featured both of them in a story here.

See also CNIC website – Kamanaka Hitomi: making films that inspire people to take action

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If anyone is reading from Tokyo and especially for those in the shelters near the 30km devastation zone, it’s best they start WALKING if they don’t have vehicles, like the Chinese in their Long March did. Even the old folks left behind, should start walking, better than being irradiated slowly remaining where you are. It might be the walk that saves your life. Those in a 100km or even 200km radius, I’d suggest they start going to the south of Japan or making serious plans for relocation to another country as Pres.Medvedev suggested/offered on invitation. The ‘cover up’ nature of… Read more »


The future of war may be fought over water or food. Hope this will not be dire straits for mankind to face in these difficult times. The avoidable may turn to be unavoidable due to turn of events in the future.


The bottom line is do our elected-to-serve leaders have a heart of gold as these ordinary people with hearts to care.
Enjoy: Heart Of Gold – Neil Young


They should be invited here to assess our BN’s readiness to have nuclear facilities and let the rakyat knows the verdict (not that we do not know).


If no energy to run the country, japan will start another world war. Without any resources, what will japan survive on? Without nuclear power, Japan will burn so much coal that the North pole will melt faster and there is no more bear hugs. With energy, Japan produces so many household items.


We need the likes of Philip White and Kamanaka Hitomi here to raise awareness on the dangers and risks of having a nuclear plant in our own backyard. The thing is, we cannot even have a leak-free Parliament, how sure are we that we won’t have a leaking nuclear plant? The bottom line is – I DON’T TRUST THEM!