Where to from here?


[email protected] who was on his way to Ipoh to cover the Sunday vigil there reflects:

As we go into regression over (Sunday) night’s pandemonium, many would have formed new impressions and new experiences and witnessed the new rakyat thinking as we move forward into a new Malaysia.

Change is inevitable; it’s happening right here, right now! Whatever course the rakyat choose to take next will determine if we remain stagnant or progress as one human race.

While my travelling mates and I were covering the Ipoh vigil, our hearts were beating for the PJ vigil as early as 7.30pm. Our handphones were literary filled with breaking news every 5 to 10 mins. SMSes were exchanged at a furious pace, back and forth. (All the 4 Ws were put to use: Who? Where? When? Why? and now trying to anwwer the What? What’s all this about? What is going to come out of it? What was it the police were trying to prove? What is the rakyat all about? We can only answer within ourselves. Something was brewing all right but never in my wildest imagination could I have comprehended what was to follow (which is history now):


I would just like to share with you these SMSes:


10.20pm “Im detained”

10.24pm “Hear d siren”

11.04pm “Ronnie is here to help”

1.31am “Im angry by those who were handcuffed n manhandled just now I WILL NOT BE COWED!”

Many other SMSes followed….


In the midst of all this uncertainty and adversity, something Pure is bound to be born. My friends have literally come face to face with reality and now have to choose between FEAR and TRUTH.

I remain hopeful and steadfast. I believe nothing comes easily in lives especially so in our current endeavour for change! There are many more heroic stories to be told and of course some would not be pleasant as well as we now count the days towards a new rakyat-based nation. Sticks and stones may break our bones but it will never touch our souls. We have to shoulder on. One day, one step at a time and soon, soon enough…We’ll learn to cherish moments like this ONE DAY!

One of those arrested, Angela Ooi recalls:

I was there. They most certainly did move in BEFORE the anthem ended… We can now see for ourselves how this… govt… lies….

…The CPO said we had to disperse ‘cos “no permit was asked and no permt was issued”. When I asked would it be issued if asked, he promptly said no. This took place infront of Amcorp when I confronted him before the start of the vigil….

While the rakyat ponder their future, the Prime Minister appears to be in … err, deep thought.

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Aw Cy,

If you find the police presence too scary it’s okay not to attend the vigils. But do CONTINUE to support the fight for change in other ways!

By the way, I’m not as pessimistic as you. More and more people are standing up and saying we won’t take the same old crap anymore. You could be pleasantly surprised by good news in the near future.


Angela Ooi

Anil, WHY was the padang blocked by the blues who parked 2 vehicles at the entrance? Isn’t the padang private property? If it was, why were the people prevented from entering it, thus forcing them to be on the streets and about the mall and then telling us it is unlawful assembly? Has the top cop CPO acted unlawfully with this act? If so, it means he KNOWINGLY broke the law and is therefore, a major disgrace to the police force.


Dear aw cy, Your comments brought much despair to the people reading it. Deep down inside, we all know that the “giving up route” is the easiest route. And we all know the story about the Jews, the Communists and the Muslims. If everyone of us give up and watch from the side with our hands-folded like you do, how would you think someone like RPK could be released? You also mentioned another point about being “realistic”. If you notion of realistic is merely about bringing bread to your family and saving enough so that you can migrate at first… Read more »


Don’t worry guys, even with heavy police presence & roadblocks hundreds of people walks there. Come this Sunday we (will be at the) Padang again!!! It’s our rights to gather peacefully. For 4 weeks, we have been there peacefully, until the police came in last sunday and make all the chaos.


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Samuel Goh Kim Eng


Those who love darkness
Cannot stand the light
When they lack loving kindness
They never act in manner bright

(C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng – 111108
Tue. 11th Nov. 2008.

Samuel Goh Kim Eng


When you stand up for what is right
Always be ready for a long good fight
With support from all around let there be no fear or flight
Only those who are really in the wrong need to take fright

(C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng – 101108
Mon. 10th Nov. 2008.

Samuel Goh Kim Eng


Those who want to tell outright lies
Will have to live forever with their lies
And must have their own conscience to prick
If they continue on with their lies to stick

(C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng – 101108
Mon. 10th Nov. 2008.


Siew Eng, that is what i meant by lack of strategy. Stick to core message for precious airtime rather than a hundred messages and let them pick the negative part to broadcast.

Siew Eng

* kain pelekat – were you at the press conference? tony pua may have said more but the unfortunate editorial decision may have been only to use that part. always remember this before you judge a person by what s/he said or did not say according to what was reported by the media (same holds true with print). * aw cy, i know what you mean about parallel worlds. check this guy’s thoughts for the far right views of a malay. http://deminegara.blogspot.com/ this is my first exposure to ketuanan melayu, thanks to the free flow of information on the internet.… Read more »


Malaysia is slowly but surely turning into a fascist police state where its people (taxpayers too) are being treated like s*** by the police and people in power! I say, CHANGE!

Edwin SJ Ng

Dear Anil, After 50 years of good life and easy money, UMNO is not going to change soon or at all. They may pay lip service to change and even change certain aspects of their weaknesses for their own survival but certainly not change for the benefit of the nation for the others. They will continue with their agenda of divide and rule. And that they must rule. The reason why the police is arrogant is because they are (perceived to be) absolutely UMNO controlled and not independent as they should be. It is the mind-set of Malaysians that we… Read more »


“The CPO said we had to disperse ‘cos “no permit was asked and no permt was issued”. When I asked would it be issued if asked, he promptly said no.”

Follow their regulations, DIE! Don’t follow, ALSO DIE!!!

And the buffon UMNO govn is still wondering where they went wrong during the March Election…..


If we depend on people like Tony Pua to bring about changes in the injustice of the ruling govt, we won’t be going anywhere soon. He was whinning in the precious time given by NTV7. Instead of putting across a message to the public about the resolve to break injustice, he was detailing the punches in girly fashion. No strategy, no charisma, absolutely not sharp to use the opportunity to speak across to the rakyat on the urgency to correct injustice.

Why cares

Let’s Fast and Pray for Wisdom, Peace and Tranquility to prevail.

If it rains, let’s accept it as a shower of blessings.

Syabas to all Peacemakers.


This govt is fast becoming a fascist govt.

aw cy

hi, admire the perseverance of those who keep the vigil and still hope Malaysia will change. i have given up. Until and unless the majority sees the light tat we are in the same boat against the uncertain world, M’sia has nowhere to go but down. That’s the only change u will get. The 2 groups fighting for equality and ketuanan melayu live in parallel worlds. It will never meet. That’s unfortunately is the truth (at least in my opinion). M’sia is a country where the tail wags the dog. The end result is we all level down to the… Read more »


Men in blue Rocking on the streets Shields up batons high Battling the obedient gathering Unleashed their form of battery Charging to create fear On the peaceful gathering Singing the national anthem Patriotism never sings In this case is it? Helpless people run Encountering of the arrogant men in blue Bossing the people When they are suppose to protect and serve Cheap slogans Posted in the police stations When come to protect the people They think differently Now who gives the order? The peaceful assembly makes no trouble Obedient group gathering for a common cause Believing saying No to ISA… Read more »


I wonder if the authorities realise that detaining and bullying innocent bystanders who are just curious can turn them into hard-core activists who are angry and committed?