When poor pilgrim met powerful pope


In case you missed this scene in the movie Brother Sun Sister Moon, this clip shows what happened when the humble Francis of Assisi and his band of followers turned up at the Vatican to meet Pope Innocent III, one of the most powerful popes in history, some 800 years ago.

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don anamalai
don anamalai
30 Jul 2013 11.52am

As a Christian, I feel gifted to be born in Malaysia where there are vast source of good values that I could learn from all religion. It doesn’t matter Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism, Sikhism, Bahai etc. All religion teaches good values. It is the human who twist and turn the facts, especially those in politics. We will live in peaceful manner as long we respect each other.

28 Jul 2013 7.05am

It turned the Pope into a humble 3 inch pie, much to the disapproval & sweating of his side church galley richie supporters who saw an imminent threat to their established status quo. That money & influence (political & social & economic – incl. taxes by the church) could (& still can) buy & prop up a Pope in the image & stiffled behaviour according to their whims & fancies. Forget about all the pomps, ceremonial antics & reading aloud of the Gospels of the Good News (their dreamed version of goods news of continuous power, status & influence). As… Read more »