Crowds throng ceramahs, vigil


2030: A small but determined crowd is holding a candlelight vigil near the Central Market LRT in KL to protest the continuing detention without trial of the PSM 6.

Photograph: NashitaMN

Photograph: NashitaMN

Full house at the Ops Scorpene forum in Ipoh - Photograph: Cynthia Gabriel

Meanwhile, the Ops Scorpene forum in Ipoh tonight has drawn 300 residents – despite the absence of William Bourdon. (The dinner in KL last night attracted 500 while the event in Penang the night before saw 600 diners turning.)

Kajang Abim dinner - Photograph: MediaRakyat

Over in Kajang, a 230-table PKR dinner, at which Anwar is speaking, has received strong response.

Meanwhile, lawyer N Surendran tweets that a ceramah in Lunas is being attended by “a spirited crowd of over 1000”.

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Gerakan K
Gerakan K
24 Jul 2011 8.05pm

Anil, I can’t access your site directly. I post this comment via proxy. Please check your site.

25 Jul 2011 8.35am
Reply to  Gerakan K

Karma at work! Or is it Altan from the Mongolian grassland?

Justice 4 All
Justice 4 All
24 Jul 2011 7.20pm

What anger all Malaysians is the level of DECEIT ,LIES & COVER UP in Altantuya ,Kugan,Amirul & Beng Hock case. When IGP, Head of Macc & Chief Justice are all apppointed by one man – the PM, then we as a Nation is heading for Dictatorship rule & a breakdown in fairness and manipulation of the Truth- we are then a Kleptocracy where the… instruments of Govt & enforcement are used to further (exploit) the Nation wealth for a few ruling elite while dividing the people. LONG LIVE the TRUTH ! Those responsible for the tragic death of Beng Hock… Read more »

Ting Pei
Ting Pei
23 Jul 2011 10.59pm

Some PSM supporters somehow help the Barang Naik authorities to label them communists when they continued to wear T-Shirts bearing the photos of Mao Tze Tong or rebel Che Guevara.

Barang Naik authorities somehow still associate the PSM supporters as the descendants of Bukit Kepong warriors ?

24 Jul 2011 1.30pm
Reply to  Ting Pei

I think it is more appropriate and more inspiring for the PSM supporters to wear T-Shirts bearing the images of ‘Sivaji The Boss’, who fights for justice and agaisnt corruption in the hit movie.