Video: Look who’s here! Mahathir addresses anti-GST rally


He’s turning out to be quite the seasoned protester, isn’t he? Flanked by Mat Sabu and Tian Chua, Mahathir urged some 2,000 anti-GST protesters to sign the Citizens’ Declaration.

Look who else showed up (see below):

And this is Mahathir (apparently arriving in a Porsche!) to cries of “Reformasi!” and “Bebas Anwar!” How times have changed. (I suppose it would look odd ariving in a Proton, seeing that he has stepped down as Proton adviser.)

One eagle-eyed observer pointed out that Mahathir was wearing the same or similar blue check shirt that he and Zaid Ibrahim wore at the Bersih 4 rally last year. Must be his ‘good luck’ protest shirt or something.

Don’t believe me? Flashback to Bersih 4:

And rounding up these videos, we have Wan Azizah and Nurul Izzah in full flow:

More seriously, a year after the last anti-GST protest, many Malaysians are still burdened by the GST while billions of ringgit in public funds have been wasted or lost.

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ONE MILLION SIGNATURES FOR AGONG BY MAY PETALING JAYA – The Save Malaysia movement aims to get a million signatures for its Citizens’ Declaration by next month to petition the royalty to intervene in the political situation in Malaysia. The movement’s secretariat chief Datuk Kamaruddin Jaffar said today that they aimed to present the signatures to the Conference of Rulers that is set to meet on May 11 and 12. “The objective of this movement is to collect a million Malaysian signatures to be presented to the ‘Mesyuarat Majlis Raja-Raja’ which is set to meet on May 11-12,” he said… Read more »


While the politicians are wrestling among themselves, the people woes take back seat hence the soaring domestic debts.


Why complain when you dizzily support CAT’s housing policy for Rm400K affordable housing?
And more so when someone from CAT can buy bungalow at discount while the average family can ill afford an affordable housing at sky-high pricing without discount or below market price.
Go on & complain until the cats come home!


currently dr m is not a sure horse to win the race for a new pm. but when election is around the corner, then his presence does help. but hopefully he will be around as present pm will go for full term

gk ong

Former prime minister Mahathir Mohamad said the ruling party led by Prime Minister Najib Razak is likely to lose the next general election if it is conducted in a proper manner.

“If the elections (are held) in an orderly manner, without fuss, without playing with the ballot box and so on, I think BN will lose,” Singapore’s The Straits Times (ST) reported Mahathir saying today.

However, the report did not elaborate, apart from the former premier saying the Malays have become a “minority” voting bloc with the Malay vote being “badly split”.


LGE’s Komtar Kopi Talk at 53rd floor can be extended to discuss GST burden, and also rising condo cost ?
I am sure Tunglang can get the kick having kopi o session with CM LGE.

lim kopi at komtar

This time LGE offered Starbucks coffee!


Starbuck Americano equivalent to local kopi o kau kau starts, if I’m not mistaken, from RM7.50 per cup. Not surprising as foreign franchise tag and convert menu prices per international standard only to blame our poor ringgit exchange value.

Probably tunglang can suggest CM to drink local version as LGE used to frequent local kopitiam?


Tunglang has phobia for international branded stuffs, must have encouraged his children not to drive Mercedes and drink Starbuck and eat KimGarry ?


Exactly! Why you worry for me? La La. At least I can stretch my Ringgit further than any bing-chui fella. No need to be an accountant to buy expensive @ discounts. Anyway, not all international brands are phobic stuffs: Adobe is for smart productivity, efficiency & competitiveness @ work. Toyota is for reliability & consistent brand values. Land Rover is never say cannot. Apple is for creative individualism – not copycats or any cat for that matter. Asic is for pushing beyond the mental block & pains. And Nikon is for showing the world thro’ your own eyes. I still… Read more »


Sabudin does not like kopi, maybe prefers Teh Tarik with Che Ta?


If I ever get invited to have a Kopi O with CM, some folks may get jealous!
Or may feel sore like Too Kow Lim. Or an Ozzie may advise me not to waste my time but do painting or sketching to earn more money. Whatever, I don’t give a damn.
Anyway, a Kopi-O sipping together is for feel good social rendezvous & catching up on buddies.
Not to kick someone’s bum or ego bashing.


Najib said to Sarawakian GST will not go to 10%. The question is for how long? It’s impossible it will never go up given the regime Najib has already set us on. GST will go up until the next time the UMNO/ BN regime run into trouble.


Under pressure from the DAPs “Tolak GST” video, Najib was quick to say increase in GST rate in order to appease the Sarawakians. Good to have strong oppositions to keep BN in check to safeguard rakyat.


Honestly, the really good thing about Citizen Declaration, it made Zaid Ibrahim a legitimate political voice. Zaid Ibrahim goals are visionary, his methods not so much which explains his failures until now. Citizen Declaration will not succeed but it will make its mark. If Mahathir passes away, Zaid Ibrahim will be heir to his last effort, that is always a good thing.

Phua Kai Lit

Mao Zedong formula, according to the CCP, should be revised?

That is, Dr M (when he was in power) – what he did was 70% bad and 30 % good for the nation.
Now : 50% and 50% ? Maybe even 40% and 60%? 🙂


Map Tze Tung killed and purged millions. So you are condoning this

Phua Kai Lit

Rubbish! We Social Democrats are strong opponents of Communism


GST is regressive period!
For low to middle income earners 90% of their expenditure are for necessities like food, transport, education & medical & in % terms are much much higher than a person who has high income & that includes people like najib & his cronies. Malaysian Voters prepare for action in 2018!


Wrestlemania Malaysia way !
Who shall be the Undertaker vs the money spinning “bolehland McMahon” ?
Will Najib Reign falters like Romans under Triple M (no pun intended)?
Events heated up, and CNA reporter can get update from Anil but first CNA needs to contribute to Anil’s fund to sustain the mighty justice river flowing!


GST by nature is designed to tax those who cannot afford to be taxed in the first place. The 60% of citizens who are eligible for BR1M aid will now be taxed by GST, shrinking the domestic consumer market – i.e. the disposable income that could have been spent buying goods is now taken away by tax.

N S Krishna Superamaniam

Sandiwara Terhebat Abad Ini….
Joke of the century…


Tak sehebat dongeng derma Arab.


Paying for someone else’s incurred debt turned national debt is nice isn’t it?
How about paying for debts to Ah Long?
No need for financial management.
No joke!


… really fighting for this country,for himself or for survival of UMNO?

rajraman. Better to have this oldman keep (campaigning against) Najib first then the public can oust him and UMNO later (in the elections). Make use this oldman since he untouchable for now.


We need the original creator of a monster to catch the monster.
Is there a need to reinvent the wheel of monster catcher?
Maybe Karma is poking a conscience in MadHatter.


But this Monster no more kau kau power in UMNo.
Choose Musa – resign since cannot get along.
Choose Ghafar Baba – the Islamisation of Malaysia guy whack Ghafar to be his DPM.
Choose Anwar – went to jail after sucessfully brought Arab Culture into Malaysia.
Choose Pak Lah – Sleep in his job
Choose Najib – Malaysian suffering.
All because this Monster.

rajraman.Now he choose to work with 3 Party and so call Citizen.Don’t know what going to happen to PKR&DAP and Amanah.
PAS already in Najib Hand.
Wondering this Monster Karma or Malaysian Karma?


Raj triple 6 must acknowledge CA$H is King, unless one believes in karma to redeem the truth and allow justice n fairness to flood Bolehland to cleanse the Evil$.


Ozzie, Tripple 6 or The god worshipper still need $$$.If got the king of $$$ even Karma take a back seat at current life.That why Najib so thick skin to stay in Power. rajraman.Wait for Karma in current life for justice it’s seldom take place but if you have the ‘king’ in the form of $$$ you can fast track someone Karma also. Cash is King accept for people’s who always said thats is GOD will and some peoples use the cash $$$ to the holy land to cleansed their sin including some of my ex friends every year goes… Read more »