Twist, shake and laugh with the Aliran Singers


The Aliran Singers had a whole lot of fun with their musical spoofs of Malaysian politics at the Aliran dinner last night in front of some 600 diners at the Moral Uplifting Hall in Penang.

The Aliran Singers and Pete Teo entertain diners – Photos by Wartawan Rasmi Laman Reformasi and L Lai

Guest star Pete Teo of 15Malaysia fame added glitter to the event with his ballads and rock number.

The theme for the evening was ‘The struggle must continue … change will come’.

Truly grateful to all those who supported the event with their contributions and presence. Hope you had as much fun as the Singers did!

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27 Oct 2009 1.52am

Dear Anil and all Aliran Singers,

You did us proud again although wished I could be there to witness the grand event. I agree with SH Tan that a Roadshow is called for πŸ™‚

Kalei Joethi
Kalei Joethi
26 Oct 2009 4.47pm

Hi Anil,

It was a superb show by the Aliran singers cum activists cum writers cum academicians and etc :-))

Impressive and I am glad I made it for the event.



26 Oct 2009 11.02am

this is L.Lai πŸ™‚
i have put up some photos in my blog too. i was excited over the songs and try to copy the lyrics but can’t managed copy all. anil i think i asked you last year too if i could have the lyrics – i guess those lyrics you guys prefer not to circulate?

26 Oct 2009 12.39am

Hey Anil, where’s the video and singing?

SH Tan
SH Tan
25 Oct 2009 10.07pm

Great performance by the gang, Anil. I think the whole hall enjoyed the night. You guys did ABBA proud. Aliran Singers Roadshow next?

25 Oct 2009 9.23pm

Aliran nvr sent an invitation to me although I being subscriber for sometime.