Three USM students detained for distributing leaflets


2330: Freed! The students have now been released. “The campus authorities probably realised that they would have as much difficulty in trying to justify the action against students for distributing leaflets as the cops did when they tried to detain under-age cyclists,” says one political observer.

2300: Three USM students were detained at 9.15pm while they were distributing leaflets in the campus. The three were bundled into a van apparently without any explanation and taken to the campus’ security department.

The leaflets provided an introduction to the “Pro-Mahasiswa” group and a bit of publicity about the group’s appointment to meet the USM Deputy Vice-Chancellor tomorrow.  The students are believed to be preparing for campus elections expected to be held soon and are seeking free and fair campus elections.

Bundling students into a van? Is this the way an “apex university” handles students’ affairs? Do they think they can rise up the THES global rankings this way?

The three students held are:

  • Yap Heng Lung
  • Ch’ng Hui Yang
  • Chew Kai Sheng

Some 50-70 students are now keeping vigil outside the security deparment now (Phone:  04-657 3970 and 653 4333)

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You have to understand how Pro-BN public unversities are. Thanks to AUKU, universities have served as a pro-bn tool to churn out brainwashed individuals. These USM students are on the right track to inspire others to voice out their academic freedom. Let’s not fault the universities but the politicians with vested interest and the gov. policies responsible for this. There are a few good academicians out there who are against academic politicial repression but they’re afraid of getting sacked for their beliefs. 2012 will be an exiciting year for us Malaysians…those who have not yet registered to vote PLEASE DO… Read more »

Darwin Chase

Firstly, I can barely understand what was written.

Secondly, “country democracy is rubbish”?

Thirdly, according to the post, all current political parties are useless, run by idiots.

Not to start a flame war but after reading the comment from Fair, which I assume is a fellow student, I won’t hold my breath on “university students being great leaders”.

Good one, Fair!


The students should not be detained for distributing flyers but students should obey and respect the rules present. As everyone need to be repected. The way the secruirity guards handle the case may be wrong. Why campus election has to compare with the politician? the pro-university and the pro-student groups should not ever touch on agenda negara while agenda university has not been settle! what is the point of talking on the agenda negara?! We students are not politicians! stop talking issue like a politician! For both groups leaders, please bear in mind that, take care of the student agenda… Read more »


How can USM be an APEX university? … All they want is tame mice.

How can we develop future leaders? Tame mice will become tame politicians like those in Gerakan, MCA and MIC.


As long as egg heads is managing all of our universities, we will never go anywhere.


Apex university my a..


I think another aspect that need to be looked into is the seeminly unlimited powers that the uni security people seems to enjoy. They have far more powers than the police and they are not subjected to any law. They behave like some secret police. I had some run-ins with the uni security folks too in my student days though it must be said that not all of them behave in a thuggish manner. BTW, don’t hold out too much hope for the local uni students’ political maturity. Most of them lack original thinking and blindly look at the existing… Read more »


The authorities wants to rule by fear.

Dalbinder Singh Gill

yeah i agree, USM is managed by morons, and i mean those students were a peaceful lot and not demonstrating violently with tumpahan darah thus why detain them.


Those running the university will be cursed in the future for allowing such thing to happen.
“apex university” my foot when it is manage by morons.


well, early this day…when i was goin for my class as usual, there were 4-5 students from the Pro-Mahasiswa distributing leaflets n explaining their stand on certain issues…there is no problem or any action taken by the faculty or the security guard…

my faculty is faculty of law university of malaya..i would want to say much but i think lot more faculties and security guards should give a free ride for students to express their stands. thank god they’ve been released. 🙂


this is criminal. it’s illegal.


unlawful detention. this cannot be allowed!

Malaysia Darul Sampah

that is why i say this country is really full of rubbish .

Dalbinder Singh Gill

this students must be allowed to practice peaceful democracy in campus. why detain them? why?