This is it – The Big Forum in Penang on 15 February 2020


This is it, the main event, organised by a string of grassroots, civil society, residents’ and fisherfolk representatives in Penang.

Make sure you check it out to find out what’s troubling the people of Penang – and there’s plenty. Add to that the latest troubling news of a water alert for Kedah and Penang. Here’s the registration form.

Check out this video:

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MAJU Roadshow in Penang
29 Feb 2020, 7pm-11pm
Penang Chinese Town Hall
22 Jln Masjid Kapitan Keling, Penang
Topic: Kuasa Ketiga?
Masuk percuma.

Brock Heyman


What is your opinion of Kuasa Ketiga?

No guarantee that those indie candidates can leap like frogs later?

Piers Chong

Unfortunately, talks like this tend to get boring easily after an hour or such, especially in an afternoon, better for Social Activists and Civil Societies to debate PH State excos based on their respective portfolio (provided they are manly enough to attend)
Would love to see a Anil vs Zairil (Kerja Raya) debate on the PTMP to find out who has the better reasoning !

Bayi Yoda

The forum needs paradigm shift in thinking otherwise such forum has always being perceived as syiok sendiri event by general public more concerned with issues directly affecting their pockets livelihood

Brock Heyman

Penang Forum should welcome Tuan Ibrahim of PAS the new Environmental Minister (regardless of his qualifications) to counter Penang Transport Plan and the three Artificial Islands. Salma could invite Tuan Ibrahim to her next meeting.


Penang Forum claims to be apolitical and a voice of civil society yet a senior member of Penang Forum has been doing speaking engagements with Gerakan, which is an opposition party which once ruled Penang as part of BN. Another speaker, Zikrullah Ismail is a PAS youth leader from Bayan Baru.


How DAP became the favoured bogeyman after GE14 and what can be done about it

Syahredzan Johan, who is party advisor Lim Kit Siang’s political secretary, said the anti-Malay perception did not start post-GE14. It is a narrative that has been repeated for decades, so much so that it has become ingrained in the collective psyche of the Malay community.