“This is my home”


If the racial chauvinists and religious bigots around us are making you sick, take two tablespoons of this beautiful antidote from Ambrose of ‘Saya Anak Bangsa Malaysia’.

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Gerakan K,
So its finally revealed you are truly a racist and chauvinist. And you will be forever relying on crutches. So all the 1Malaysia exposed by PM and you are all insincere & grandiloquent. Like I said before, I trust PAS now more than UMNO…

Fire melts Iron

Thanks bro, Jom Sertai PAS! PAS certainly trusts DAP more than UMNO! Gerakan and all those mosquito parties are irrelevant!

Gerakan K

This is my guaranteed birth right under the constitution. Do not challenge my birth right. You will be punished under the Sedition Act.


Yes, so continue to limp with your crutches, … is it so.

Fire melts Iron

Gerakan K,

You are now a bumi?… One second when you are cornered you say you are a girl, young and beautiful, next you say your wife will scold you, then you say you are Chinese, and gambling at Genting, and now you say you are protecting your birth rights….

You are really crazy and very very KL….


Gerakan K

Ha ha O,

Maybe you are too naive to assume Genting will block its customers particularly the VIP ones. Yes, most of time I will be in KL office. But I never say I’m a girl OK. That was my joke for a commentator (if not mistaken it was Sabahan). You can call me bumi/chinese. But officially I’m bumi. So what ???


Gerakan K, I would rather say you are a wannabe malay. Anil this is nothing offensive so no need to delete since he has already admitted he is a Chinese/Bumi. Frankly speaking I think Gerakan K is a shameless and thick skin guy by calling himself a chinese bumi as official. A Chinese who is a Muslim still does not qualified as a bumi unless he is the 2nd or 3rd generation guy WHO STILL PRACTICE THE MUSLIM RELIGION. I believed you do not belong to this group as you are just a current converted muslim. Unless your father is… Read more »

Angela Ooi

Thanks Ambrose..your message is simple and pure, beautifully put together.
I will not be seeing you guys on the 2nd March, all the best till next meet.

Gerakan K

This is stupid thing. I want bumiputra discount for buying a property forever….


Go on dreaming, time’s a changing. Survival will determine who’s the fittest, not the takers from BN’s fallacies.

Fire melts Iron

Gerakan K,

Why do you always want people to Gera “kan” you kaw kaw?


Laymen does feel such way…Problem is there’s some high level brain dead,concervative … that stirring racial issue for their benefits.


Very touching, very down to earth.
If only everyone feels the same.
There will be no ‘nonsense’ in Malaysia today.

But a better future for everyone and our hopeful Malaysian kids.


Dear Anil Netto,

This is a good effort at bringing the message of reform and unity to the Malaysians, and especially the Bahasa Malaysia speaking community who is less comfortable with English as there is an English transcript of the video plus a BM translation side by side. Hopefully, will also help those to better their command of English. Will you help spread the message?

Transcript plus translation: This is my home


Lovely – though more like a moment’s pain relief than an antidote.


it is not strong enough to be an antidote – sentimental stuff completely out of touch with reality!


one of a kind!!!