Tecoma folk step up campaign against fast food giant


Residents of Tecoma, a village 40km east of Melbourne in Australia, took their campaign against a fast food giant to a ‘higher note’ with this creative performance.

Mcdonald’s wants to open a 24-hour outlet in the village, which is described as a “bushwalking and cycling paradise with extensive trails through lush vegetation” amidst the panoramic Dandenong Ranges.

Residents are not enthusiastic about the plan, to say the least. But why are they opposed to McDonald’s setting up shop in their community?


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Today’s front page headline on China Press newspaper:
‘Operasi Fast Food’ uncovered that famous fast-food chain in Penang using same cooking oil for frying for 10 days! Pizza dough that has expired 3-7 days are used!


don anamalai

Jabatan Kesihatan Pulau Pinang menggempur 33 premis makanan segera termasuk rangkaian restoran francais antarabangsa terkenal dan mengeluarkan 29 kompaun atas pelbagai kesalahan kebersihan dalam ‘Ops Fast Food’, di seluruh Pulau Pinang, 28 Nov. http://www.themalaysianinsider.com/bahasa/article/ops-fast-food-29-kompaun-dikeluarkan-di-seluruh-pulau-pinang Paling mengejutkan, bahan mentah seperti roti yang tamat tempoh melebihi tiga hari diletak bersama roti yang masih elok dan kemungkinan ia turut dihidangkan kepada pelanggan Sebuah restoran nasi ayam dan kedai kopitiam masing-masing terletak di Bayan Baru dan Sungai Bakap turut diarah tutup dalam tempoh 14 hari mengikut Seksyen 11 Akta Makanan 1983 dan pemilik harus menjalankan kerja pembersihan dan akan diperiksa sekali lagi sebelum dibenar… Read more »

Stylo Logan

Anil ought to highlight the issue of food hygiene in Penang.

Stylo Logan

Cook your own food. Watch Asia Food Channel for inspiration!
Chef Wan’s latest cook show “East Bites West” already show you our Asian cooking is superior to those western fast food.
Try the recipe of 15 minute meal by Jaime Oliver, sure get more value than fast food.


I respect these people right to voice and protest but they have the issue all wrong. What they are asking for is a differentiation between private property rights of individuals and private property rights of corporation – changing the very foundation of modern capitalism. It goes to the very heart of whether corporations are legal person itself – whether to separate natural legal person or artificial legal persons and opening up a whole can of worms of massive complications if they do. Honestly the best defense against the likes of McDonalds is simply education and community spirit – sent them… Read more »