Suaram activists released on police bail, complain of “mala fide”


This morning, Suaram Penang coordinator Lau Shu Shi, who is also Penang coordinator for the Abolish ISA Movement (GMI), and Teh Chun Hong were released on police bail.

Shu Shi told me she is required to report to the police on 21 May to find out about a possible charge under Section 90 of the Police Act. Section 90 covers disorderly conduct in police stations and states that “any person who, in a police station behaves in a riotous, indecent, disorderly or insulting manner shall be guilty of an offence under this Act”.

She also has to report on 24 May pertaining to a possible charge under Section 27 of the Police Act. This section is about police powers to regulate assemblies, meetings and processions including the requirement for organisers to apply for a licence for an assembly.

She said she was brought to the court premises this morning but remained in the court lock-up cell without being actually produced in court. They were both later released on police bail. “So it was mala fide (bad faith),” she said. Suaram activists are arguing that there was no need to hold them overnight at the police station if they were not going to be produced in court the next day. They already had their statements recorded yesterday.

One activist at the scene told me the case was not registered for the morning. The press had turned up in full force with video camera crew but after waiting for a couple of hours, nothing happened.

Shu Shi and Chun Hong, a Suaram secretariat member who also works for Pesticide Action Network, are represented by lawyer Darshan Singh.

Both the Suaram activists had participated in an Anti-ISA gathering in Penang yesterday in support of ISA detainee and Hindraf adviser P Uthayakumar’s attempts to seek medical treatment in IJN.

The above videoclip shows how Chun Hong was detained and handcuffed yesterday soon after he had filmed the scene at the Patani Road police station.

Hmm, instead of curbing crime, they are arresting and charging peaceful activists and demonstrators.

Remember, Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng, when faced with an Umno-led demonstration soon after he took over the helm of the state government, had said he does not oppose peaceful demonstrations. In fact, the Chief Minister himself had recently participated at an Anti-ISA forum organised by some of the groups involved in yesterday’s demonstration.

So, if the state government doesn’t mind such demonstrations and in fact even supports the GMI campaign to abolish the ISA, whose interests were the police really serving by locking up Shu Shi, the Penang GMI coordinator, and her colleague last night?

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`SAYA PANTANG DI CABAR’ thats BN’s motto.


Thanks for this write-up. I was looking high and low for the Police Act yesterday to see what Sections 27 and 90 meant, but couldn’t find them anywhere, not even the government portal.

It’s a shame that this had to happen, especially in Penang too, where the CM has already declared that he doesn’t oppose peaceful demonstrations.



The Police force was at its best during Tun Haniff Omar’s time, what do other’s think? Today I came across a lady who just had her handbag snatched right inside the IRB compound in Kelana Jaya, Petaling Jaya at around 3.45pm. Thank God she was not injured but only in a state of shock. It got me thinking now whether our police is shorthanded or not deploying resources efficiently, spraying demonstrators in Cheras, arresting peaceful protestors and manning roadblocks in wee hours of the morning to nab drunk drivers or hiding behind corners after traffic lights instead of patrolling the… Read more »

raj raman666

This devils wont stop from harrasing the human rights groups.Anyone dont champion umnoputera concept,we are the opposition.

The gomen in power will use the police to harras us without charging in court.Just tunjuk wayang to frighten us.My big salute for this Suaram and hindraf group.

Raj Raman666.Still making noise in mr.anill blog but no guts yet to face this devil by joining hand in hand with suaram or hindraf demo.


stanley (one of the 7 arrested) who came to our office this afternoon, told me that shu shi and chun hong were denied food last night and that shu shi’s arms was bruised (i suppose as a result of the scuffle with the police). terrible eh!

raj raman666


You brought up an interesting stories about the police force (allegedly being a) devil force now.(they are hiding for their own good cause not for us and demons close both eyes to their worshippers)
Dear bloggers its worth to read no.8 comments.

raj raman666.give the credits to whoever and whenever its due.


MALA FIDE! Grow Up, Kiddos! Do not use words u cannot pronounce! U want to fight! Walk Softly but carry a big stick!

Samuel Goh Kim Eng

Do we really have rule of law
Or is it now the law of the rule?
Do we still have laws without flaws
Or are we no better off than kangaroo?

(C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng – 120508
Mon. 12th May 2008.


Harassment, intimidation, and bully are the order of the day.

jeffrey chew

I believe in the 3rd element of power. Be wary

William Eow

All of this PDRM actions,pointed to one man,IGP himself.Get him to explain.


Police is same as Pak Lah, lost somewhere and dunno what to do. We seriously need IPCMC. Here is some nice headlines.. about police.. = 13 Feb 2008 According to that chief cop, qualities that deserved to be ticked off : * Rude to the public (yes) * Dyed hair (?) * Lack of communicative skills (yes) * Alone with boyfriends in car inside police barracks (?) * Married a man thrice her age. (?) * Wearing tight jeans while off duty. (?) = 4 Feb 2008/Star – Traffic cop found guilty of bribery = 8 Jan 2008/Star – Cop… Read more »