Solidarity group hands in memo in Taipei


A group of Malaysians staged a protest at the Malaysian representative’s office in Taipei this morning.

Image via Tian Chua

A staff member finally received the memorandum. The group dispersed at 11.00am.

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Since PM and HM do not (seem to) respect YDP Agong…. If they do not provide the stadium as agreed and are deliberately delaying and not responding, Bersih should not fall into their game plan but proceed with the original plan of the street rally. Good suggestion, Merdeka Square is the best alternative. No need to ask for permission. On another note, you cannot trust these UMNO politicians… Now they are playing with Bersih, passing the ball around and try to make a fool of the Bersih organizers. There is always another day to confront these UMNO political … heads!!… Read more »

Phua Kai Lit

Overseas Malaysians (and ex-Malaysians) should teach the ruling regime a big lesson for its racist, semi-aparthied policies which forced them to seek education and work overseas.


Najib can contain the BERSIH movement in Malaysia with his police and thugs but he certainly can’t do that in Melbourne, Sydney, Canberra, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Tokyo, Seoul and now Taipei. Such is the phenomenon of BERSIH 2.0 that even PERKASA and UMNO Youth are unable to match. I sure would like to see these two groups start their own counter rallies in these cities. Whether in the streets or in a stadium, we have morally won, more so with the King granting an audience to Ambiga and her team mates. We couldn’t have asked for more.


The issue of FREE & FAIR Elections concern all Malaysians at home and abroad. Syabas to all who protested in Taiwan and going to do so too abroad in coming days.. It is such an IMPORTANT ISSUE as it goes right to the heart of what type of Government we will have to run the Country on behalf of the Rakyat.For too long Government has been arrogant and still use the Police,MACC and other instruments of Enforcement as political tool- a practice and legacy of one Mahathir. The Polis should release all those detained in the past days as they… Read more »


Msians citizens abroad gather social-economic info from the internet and not from local mainstream media hence present federal government has strong worries that overseas anti barang naik phenomena on the increase.
Current scenario 50-50 so drastic & desperate barang naik’s strategy is to woo Indians votes (read a few sweeteners announced last few days) to tip the balance. Will the the local Indians cares only for the present & forego the future ? Another topic Anil can further elaborate …..

Gerakan K

The Indian votes are so tiny. Instead all parties eager for Malay votes.

Andrew I

Don’t think your bosses will be too happy to hear you brush off the relevance of an entire community like that.


ya, rilakkuma, am worried for the Indians, they seem to sway here and sway there.

At least, the Chinese are more resolute this time around. A few of my friends, they are very determined to re-educate some of the hard-core MCA’s supporters.

Brother, how about you do your part too? Ya, it will be good for Anil to do a topic on that but we need to reach out to the uneducated lot as they are the ones who are easily fooled.

Andrew I

There’s one in our midst, Kee. To try to re-educate that one, you will first have to go down to his level to show him that whatever he can say, we can say better.


hey kee

any constructive suggestion to help the Indian community?

pity them as they are indecisive and easily been taken advantage by politicians.


Fully agreed with you. Najib via its MIC agent can easily sway the Indians with simple sweetener as (many of them) are easily pleased to forgo their precious votes. That’s why the Indian community can forever stay the same place while others are moving on.

Andrew I

So who did you suggest that Malaysians living abroad come back to vote for, Gherkin?


Andrew, about “off the beat”, you can write to Wong CW and (criticise) like i did but i cant do that anymore as i am barred.

So, the last i did was sent him by post, cant stand him la !!!

Andrew I

Who can?