LIVE: Riot police assemble near Lotus Restaurant


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you can complain till the cows come home.
this is becoming a police state with Mugabe-style of violence perpetrated against her innocent citizens.

Ong Eu Soon

Bodoh! The Bodohland finally show it’s true color; stupid!


Seems like every Sunday evening the PDRM will assign 60 to 70 police officers to escort a bunch of mostly middle-aged vigilers to cross the street from the PJ Civic Centre to the Lotus restaurant for supper.

As Haris said, it’s getting comical.


Lotus Restaurant is “private property”…!

Of course they can sue….! If they want to lah………….!

Now you all know why our crime rate is soooo………………………………… high ???
They send hundreds of policemen to catch “innocent” people.
Yet they NEVER have enough police manpower when it comes to high crimes…..!

To change the entire police force…….
One must change “The Boss”…..!????

najib manaukau

This is Malaysia !
Have the IGP replaced to begin with otherwise no end in sight?
He is supposed to led by example and he is a typical shamble,….


[Comment From meena]
“lotus should sue the vigilers for disrupting their business”

If only you saw the roaring business Lotus is doing with the Vigilers, the Special Branch and PDRM. The last thing they will ever do is sue the Vigilers. BTW, sue for what? Illegal ordering, wearing anti ISA T-shirts, bringing candles.
You should come to the Vigils, at least you would stop making stupid statements.


They are very HARDWORKING that they are performing their DUTY to protect us! DUH! How Come i was not protected when I was robbed? Ridiculous and doing nothing for Malaysia.


Three BN assemblymen in NS should cross over and show the people they care… he! he!


This is the build-up to BN’s endgame. They sense their own imminent death approaching at full speed & have given Pink Lips carte blanche to do whatever it takes to cling to the power they desperately maintain through the PDRM & their milk cows Petronas, EPF & Khazanah. Those reacting in abject panic are likely to fail at every turn because their inner guidance has been COMPLETELY severed. Let BN fall into the deep pit they have dug, hoping to bury the rakyat’s dream of good governance at long last. The rest of us, kepp cool & stay calm. Continue… Read more »


Anonymous said… THE CAUSE OF POLICE BRUTALITY (SEEMS TO ME TO BE) THE RESULTS OF BAD INFLUENCES FROM BAD POLITICIANS WHO BROKE THE LAWS THEMSELVES WITH IMPUNITY WITH COVER UPS AND MORE COVER UPS, AS A RESULT THE PDRM (APPEARS TO BE) COVERING UP THE (DEATHS) IN POLICE CUSTODIES. You can cheat the people for some time but fifty years of plundering and cheating the coffers of the nation is too much. It looks like the coffers of the nation is their own kitty bank and therefore UMNO must be removed otherwise nothing would be left for our Children’s Children… Read more »


The police should deploy such big numbers of personnel to patrol our neighbourhoods. The police should concentrate on patrolling neighbourhoods as crime is so rampant. Residents are so scared to even come out of the house nowadays. Why is crime so rampant? It is because the criminals are not scared anymore. They know that the police are hardly to be seen and they openly walk in neighbourhoods looking for houses to rob. The police should concentrate in safeguarding the public. All we want to do is walk safely and get some fresh air. Even this basic right now is denied.… Read more »


They Police (seem to be) trying to please their Pewaris and the Muslim consumer NGO’s !!!
These … will never learn……especially the …. Minister!!!


I think something related to the situation in Perak too… which made these PRDM are so determine…

UMNO terus CELAKA… Tipu Rakyat Malaysia…


Police force needs reshuffle….