Perak women express solidarity with Elizabeth Wong


Over the weekend, various groups have been expressing support for Elizabeth Wong after her painful ordeal. This is one such message from the Perak Women for Women group:

To our dearest sister and friend, Elizabeth

Our reason for writing is for several reasons.

First and foremost to say thank you. Thank you for being YOU. Thank you for having the courage to follow your purpose. Thank you for making us proud of our gifts of womanhood. We all know about the painful ordeal you are going through. We deeply feel the pain and agony you are feeling. The fact that you’ve been through all that and have not let it get in your way is such an inspiration to all of us! Bravo to you!

We just want you to know that should the critiscm get thick again…(and we will be awfully surprised if it doesn’t…) that for every one of those people who are naysayers, there are many more that support you with love and respect. Our voices may not always be heard over the blazing negativity of the controlled media… but when you go into your heart… in that moment of stillness, you will hear the angels singing your praise and our thanks.

You have given so much to so many over in your service as Adun and as well as Exco. Our way of giving back to you is to offer you our loving support and prayers. For you are our sister and we are all with you 100 per cent.

We, the women of Perak, pledge our undying love and support to you!

With deepest and warmest LOVE.

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Phua Kai Lit

Dear Mr nkkhoo Allow me to make one more comment. You said,”…. does not make her questionable private life less sinful”. Here are some questions: Do you know Wong personally? How do you know that Wong knows her ex-beau is a married man? Could he have hidden this from her? If she knows, how do you know that Wong is not planning to marry him as his second wife and convert to Islam? If both Wong and her ex-beau are not married, would their relationship still be “sinful” to you? (Plenty of Chinese people nowadays would disagree with you! Try… Read more »

Phua Kai Lit

Dear Mr nkkhoo

For your information, I am an atheist!
(I use the quote from the Bible because it is a good one).
I believe in social justice, fair play and women’s rights.

I don’t want to know what Ms Wong does in her private life
and private sex life. That is none of my business.

What I abhor is the further victimization of the victim.

Phua Kai Lit


Furthermore, from the Bible itself “Let he who is without sin cast the first stone ….” Phua Kai Lit ================== There are separate issues here and please do not jumble them. 1. Whoever published her semi-nude photo is wrong. 2. Her out of wedlock relationship is immoral. Nothing to argue about these two points. Whether the photos were snapped by peeping tom or herself or her ex-boy friend does not make her questionable private life less sinful. Many God believers like you like to use this argument “Let he who is without sin cast the first stone ….” to condone… Read more »

Phua Kai Lit

Dear Mr nkkhoo Your argument is all muddled. The PRIMARY issue here is the highly unprincipled victimization of Ms Wong through the release of the photographs. Those who continue to attack her by casting doubts on her lifestyle or morality are doing what rapists do i.e. blame the victim using such arguments as – “She deserved it because she was dressed like a p…..” or “She deserved it because she is a s…” Even if one disapproves of her private life, there is no justification for this victimization. Furthermore, from the Bible itself “Let he who is without sin cast… Read more »


I do not see woman is being prejudiced, but is the man like Chua Sok Lek got “victimized”. Many people are holding double standards when it comes to sex scandal, a young lady can do whatever she likes to satisfy her sexual needs, but it’s evil for a man like Chua or me to fool around with girl(s). Eli’s case: An unmarried woman and (a married Muslim man?) Chua’s case: A married man and an unmarried woman I do not understand from the moral aspect, Eli is innocent while Chua is guilty. For me, both of them are guilty morally!!… Read more »

Katharina Sri

Women, especially intelligent, successful, liberating, single and vocal ones, are still treated with such prejudice and hatred, besides still identified as foremost a purely sexist & religiously-defined sexual object, as opposed to as a variety of subjects with different, of mostly self-defined identities, especially in Islamic-ruled countries. And I think, with increasing fanatical Islam, especially foreign-influenced now, with primitive Al-Qaeda/Taleban-style ideology creeping in, being brought from Pakistan, Bangladesh and Java, that is perverting more and more on such attitude and treatment of women and girls, that will never acknowledge women/girls’ equality and freedom, things will go a long way for… Read more »



Temper, temper. Don’t be so emotional and worked-up. I am just reasoning out the whole issue. She is a fighter, right? Then why throw in the towel before the bell rings. I am as old as Malaysia Independence today. And never voted for BN not even once.
You have your intelligence use it.
Quote: A fighter never quits and a quitter never wins.


Should push comes to shove or even ISA I hope Perak women will stand by Eli as they pledged above.


Bravo a most touching and well written message … Eli just stay on and your courageous strength will outshine those EVILS …Tommy “Are you someone who we think you are one? ” Just buzz off or just keep those funny stuff to yourself ! “


I voted for you but am now in Melbourne. My sympathies.You will definately overcome the episode for the Almighty is with you .For your voters sake please do not resign but carry on with your wonderful work/ Your voters are with you.


Me too sympathize with her. But with all these sympathies most mind are clouded. Take a minute to ponder.. There are no nude or compromising photos of her flying around.. Her ex is in Indonesia.. She reportedly also taking a break in Indonesia.. Funny isn’t it?


Bravo! The Perak Women for Women is putting their money where the mouth is! Hope the msg gets to Eli.


Breathless, breathless! I couldn’t have written any better. I am sure Liz will be comforted by such love and support for her. We can now only wish her well and has the fortitude to see herself through these moments of adversities. From Selangor, thank you Perakians!