Samy Vellu booed on “live” TV; are his political days numbered?


MIC president Samy Vellu was booed and publicly humiliated when he turned up to officiate at the Aattam 100 Vagai 3 (100 types of dance) performance at the Penang International Sports Arena (Pisa) last night.

Sources tell me the crowd of 2,000-3,000 shouted obscenities at him including “po-dah” (the rude version of “get lost”) and he didn’t get a chance to complete his speech. One source told me he was surprised to hear that the women in the audience appeared more aggressive in admonishing Samy.

Bear in mind, this was a cultural event and not a political forum, so it would have been attended by a diverse crowd of Indian Malaysians – who have now become politically awakened as never before.

The event was supposed to be telecast “live” by Astro Vaanavil (Channel 201) and beamed to India, Singapore, Mauritius and Sri Lanka. Apart from Astro, the media partners supporting the dance show were Sri Lanka Rupavhini (TV) Corporation, Jaya TV India, Mauritius Broadcasting Corporation and Media-Corp TV12 Singapore Pte. Ltd. So Samy’s image in the region would have suffered more than a little dent.

Earlier yesterday, Samy Vellu was huddled with Penang MIC division heads in a closed-door meeting at the Equatorial Hotel near Pisa, probably discussing the Hindraf developments. I gather that 40-50 outsiders, probably Hindraf supporters, were prevented from nearing the hotel during the day.

Such is the anger on the ground among Indian Malaysians that Samy Vellu’s political days could well be numbered. In fact, I would say he has become a major political liability for the BN – but then who else have they got in the MIC? Then again, it’s not any single individual that Indian Malaysians are upset about (though Samy is probably the focal point of their frustration in view of scandals such as the Maika fiasco) – it’s the whole system they are railing against: the sense of being economically marginalised and disempowered for so long (in the same way that many other Malaysians of other ethnic groups are).

If at the last general election, the MIC delivered 80-90 per cent of the Indian Malaysian vote to the Barisan, several Indian Malaysians I have met are predicting that this time the MIC would be hard-pressed to deliver even 10 per cent.

That may be wishful thinking – and an underestimation of the BN “machinery” and mastery of racial politicking – but all indications are that the MIC is going to suffer a serious setback at the polls. (It doesn’t take a genius to figure that out!) And that could spell trouble for the BN in a string of constituencies, especially in areas where the majorities were wafer-thin in the 2004 general election.

Meanwhile, Anwar Ibrahim has been hitting the hustings in Penang over the weekend, holding a series of talks and forums in the state. From what I hear, he has been drawing significant multi-ethnic turnouts at some of these events including a session with Indian Malaysian squatters in Bukit Gelugor who are facing eviction. He promised them that, if elected, he would try and do something about their plight.

He appears to be having some impact, working the ground. Have a look at this Malaysiakini videoclip to see the rapport he has struck with Indian Malaysians at an earlier rally in Jalan Kebun, Klang on 14 Dec attended by 4,000 people.

The BN has good reason to be worried. All of a sudden, cracks are appearing in the BN fold and the juggernaut appears to be creaking. Will Samy dare to show up at any other public event in the future? Stay tuned…

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yes of course wat i read in tis website but i just few comment about dato seri s.samy vellu we just c he also 1 indian we wanna we commite that indian commite must becum chinese commite we c thier commite very well.we must becum 1 indian eyerone can say that thier can help indian commite after thier have politic power thier also will co d same thing.think propley and we all indian must becum a good commite.i wanna we are commite must becum example like malay and chinese commite.if anything wrong my words i am sorry.

Li Huat Chai

Samy Vellu is one of the most hated persons in Malaysia.

The most thick skinned person i hv ever seen.

A person without shame.

Even though such person is wealthy but is a
failure in life just opposite to RPK, loved by
everyone (of course except UMNO).


I have a acronym for BN Bandaraya National; The BN seem to be carrying too much rubbish…


Reject BN.


Why support another malay mr ramesh nair? what can he do?He can look into our problem, only that.solution….??? I’m not supporting BN or samy either.Vote for all the indians under any banner as our reps.A malay rep under BN banner think….. if a DAP is there go for them, as what we did in teluk intan once in a by election. PPP just another BN agenda and actors


ooi ……………… PISA stageiuk……BOO…..BOOO…BOOOOOO……




Nice to see comments around but need to understand that a lot of educated Indian which are making noise are not registed as a voter.
And majority votes are still kat kampung and estate which still thinking MIC is great as in 1957 which stand for Indians.
Please encourage all the young Indians to register in SPR soon.
Too many case against Samy which he have to clear before he step down. So he will remain in MIC until all the cases he can clear.
Only way is support PAS or DAP or PKR.


Australia kicked out John Howard despite a strong economy and the lowest unemployment in thirty years. He was seen as being arrogant and cocky. As for Samy Vellu he should have been kicked out years ago by Dr.M if the MIC failed to do so. What legacy has he to show for his long tenure as President of MIC?


Thanks to Penang makkals for booing samy velu publicly, I hope this booing should not be stopped. KL makkals must boo him in the next Thaipusam festival Batu caves where he gives speech.

cik ani strawberry

Why the Malaysian especially the Indians waiting so long to realise that Samy Vellu is Semi Value and Scrape Value?


No matter what, Indian still support BN in the next GE. Without Samy, Indian will go no where.


I guess Semi Value days are numbered .

Think carefully

I think the frustrated will have to think very carefullfy of their actions. Because who do you think can talk with the government and the government will listen to him. It is a very thin line here

R.Rama Chandran

If I were Samy Vellu ( indeed I would not be him!) I would say enough is enough and leave the scene gracefully. RR


What are u indian’s waiting for, send in your resignation from MIC if this guy can’t give ua a date like Dr.Mahtir, Lim Kheng Yeaik to give way for new leader


Samy vellu runs MIC -with Malaysian Indian C***** they have Made Indians Cry for what they deserve. This Ketua P******* India Malayisa should be arrested under ISA, he can’t adminster the MIC which was indians property once upon a time, one man show, no IPF, No PPP, No other leaders can represent indians in malaysia. Please release him from MIC and BN


I saw it on tv astro 201. The camera and director were trying to coverup, but the booing was too loud. I even saw the people in the crowd giving a grand thumbs down and showing gestures of ‘get lost’. But the shameless Samy Velu waved as though people were cheering him. The host was panicking and it was obvious that they did not know what to do. The male host nudged the female host to carry on… and this was on TV. Samy… you are toast… roti bakar.


Finally the Indians are waking up.

Joe awk

It is sad that one does not know when his time is up. Just like mahatir, he left 5 years too late. He thinks too much about himself and Samy is going down the same road.

Here, it applies also to those whose image or rather whose personalities is tainted yet want to remain in office and wirse still want to move up. This applies to Najib. Please go.

Goostee Arai

My Indian Friends,

My deepest regret is that you have taken too much time to realise and act. Samy’s and MIC’s absurdities have been blatantly clear for umpteen years.


Serve the b***** right !!!


Indians have been sidelined from ‘woomb to tomb’ in every aspect of life. From the hospitals, schools, working life and also in death (burials). So what is the excitement over the word “ethnic cleansing”. I am sure the people who used this phrase meant it in an overall sense, as being lawyers and well educated professional, they know the meaning of the phrase. It does’nt take a genius to figure it out that what the indians are undergoing is a variant of ‘ethnic cleansing’ of their existence and not being persecuted like what happened in Bosnia. The poorly educated politicians… Read more »

wow wow

this is the true voice of the public!! that pak lah choose not to hear… they will only come out with their own version of majority voices…

Rocky G

This is the link in you tube on the events where Samy vellu was booed. Not very clear though.