RPK meets Marina in Kamunting on his birthday


Marina was able to visit RPK on his birthday in Kamunting on Saturday, 27 September. Interesting that part of RPK’s rehabilitation (or is it punishment?!) involves reading the NST! 🙂

Here is another touching account of their encounter:

Happy 58th Birthday, Love

Yesterday, 27 September 2008 was Pet’s Birthday. My two daughters’ and I were allowed the scheduled visit to see Pet at Kamunting on his 58th birthday.

When we wished him Happy Birthday he had forgotten it was his birthday and we told him that we had brought along birthday cards hand-drawn by his two grandchildren, ages 5 and 6, one from Jia Wei age 7, one card signed by a few of his friends and also three books. We had to handover all the items with the prison authorities and they would only give it to him after inspection. I told him of the numerous emails, sms, calls, on the blogs and our sons in the UK also sent him Birthday wishes.

This visit was also face to face and so I was holding on to his hands all along.

An officer came along to inform us that we were allowed two visits for Hari Raya the 1st and 2nd day and it could be in the courtyard. But then it would also depend on the Recording Officer (RO) whether he is considered a hardcore and if he is then the visit would be face to face across the counter.

Then Pet asked him “Am I considered a hardcore?”

He said he would have to refer to the RO and get back to him. He also told us that our subsequent visit after Raya would be through a screen and we would have to talk on the phone.

Pet then said, “In here it is like stick and carrot”; if you are good, you get a carrot; when bad, you get the stick. So when you don’t cooperate, you get fewer family visits, and if you do they give you more face-to-face visits.

Well, I guess if the RO don’t consider him a hardcore and allows the courtyard visit, that would be the only time I would be able to give him big hugs and kisses, even though it is considered “kelakuan tak senonoh” (unbecoming behavior) until he is FREE again. When he told me about this “kelakuan tak senonoh” the last trip, I did wonder whether the officers know we are married and that it was all right for married couples to show affection. Pet and I have been together for 40 years and married for 35 years.

He looked in better spirits, and I asked him how he was coping and what have they been doing to him. He said that he was reading a lot and finishes a book a day and asked for me to bring him more books but no books on religion.

He is allowed to step out of his cell from 7am to 6pm and at this juncture my daughter advised him to do a bit of excise due to his arterial blockage and extreme stress; we don’t want his condition to worsen. But he said that he usually reads and was reading like a book a day cause from 6pm onward the lighting in his cell was very bad and he could not read anymore. If he wanted to read after 6pm, he had to try and get some light from the passage way and it was very difficult.

He said he is also given the previous day’s NST newspaper to read. Then he asked us about what he was told by an officer on a report in the NST that there was a signature campaign asking for 150,000 signatures to free RPK and it was not getting any respond and it was a failure. I told him yes we have all sorts of campaign and the signature campaign is one of them and the response is overwhelming cause to have just started that campaign and the last I looked before coming here was about 28,000. I also told him that we are having T-shirt campaigns, going bald campaign and getting supporters to send him birthday and Raya cards to Kamunting Prison. He then said no wonder I am getting 10 Raya cards a day.

I told him, “Love, please don’t believe anything they tell you; they are trying to break your spirit”. I said, “Trust me, you have tremendous support out there; this time around I am not alone fighting to get you out. We have a huge family out there and they are all praying everyday, burning candles in their homes; having candle light vigil all over the country for your release and to abolish the ISA”. I saw tears in his eyes at this time, he was touched. I said, “Love, don’t let them tell you otherwise”.

He then said: “Please send MT readers’ my Hari Raya greeting and thank them for remembering me and to continue supporting Malaysia Today. Malaysia Today now belongs to them and they will have to keep MT going until I am out to make that change.”

He told us that he is still in solidarity confinement all alone in that block unless they bring in someone new. He has three guards outside his cell at all times on a three hourly rotation and he remarked “what a waste of manpower guarding me inside for writing, when you can read in the NST there is so much crime and murders outside there.”

When we were there, two other detainees had family visits as well, and Pet said that the detainees get very few family visits after awhile especially the Malay detainees. At the beginning of their detention, they get frequent visits, but since some of them have been in here for a long time the family visits gets fewer and fewer due to many constraints, money being one of them. But he said, there was one Chinese, detained for two years, he had family visits’ without fail.

I told him “Love, I will be here, I am Chinese and will be here every week rain or shine and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.”

He also asked about how my daughters’ were managing and my youngest daughter’s final exams. Then time was up my daughters and I kissed his hand and left. Source: Malaysia Today

Okay, folks, sign that signature petition here, if you haven’t already done so.

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The Whisperer
29 Sep 2008 2.56pm

“He said he is also given the previous day’s NST newspaper to read. Then he asked us about what he was told by an officer on a report in the NST that there was a signature campaign asking for 150,000 signatures to free RPK and it was not getting any respond and it was a failure.” – Excerpt from Anil’s Blog on Marina’s visit Are We Going to Take This Lying Down? It Definitely Won’t Be Me.. I have come too far to Stop Now. Fellow Bloggers and ‘Friends of Change’, Lets take this message as a challenge to start… Read more »

29 Sep 2008 1.19pm

Dear RPK, Marina and Family,
Be strong RPK you will be out soon GOD willing. Anwar just do it. It’s time.

SELAMAT HARI RAYA TO RPK, Marina & family and to all Malaysian Muslims wherever you are.

29 Sep 2008 12.55pm

My tears drilling down reading this about RPK in Kamunting. I really hate this BN goverment, especially AAB, Najib & Botak Syed.

Hope that Anwar make it soon, to get our dearest hero release from Kamunting.

No more happy raya for me & my family if RPK is still in Kamunting.

29 Sep 2008 12.41pm

Hi Marina thanks for the update,we are encouraged.I wonder how the
UMNO Ministers can have a clear conscience and celebrate Aidil Fitri after having sent RPK to Kamunting.We are extremely proud of him,he is our HERO and a Fearless Malaysian who dares to speak and expose the wrong doings of the present Administration.Our continuous support and prayer is assured.Only be Strong and Courages!!! God is Watching.

mohamad fauzi
29 Sep 2008 12.04pm

Teresa Kok, who does she think she is? do not apply old DAP political style.you are just the same with the UMNO politician.

29 Sep 2008 11.45am

Marina, if you read this, pls tell RPK, that yesterday in our church we had a signature campaign in support of him & others detained under ISA.
We’re strangers, but if we were allowed to visit your husband, I tell you we will be there. It would be such an honour to see a true M’sian hero.

29 Sep 2008 11.39am

Pete is a complete stranger to me, I took a great interest in him, since he was treated so unjustly, by this evil administration. As a fair minded man myself, I share his sufferings. Above all, I admire the courage of his family standing firmly behind him.
In my small way by signing the petition for his release, has also, ease my discomfort.
Happay Birthday Pete and Selamat Adilfitri! Stay strong and God bless.

29 Sep 2008 10.40am

Badawi and your Islam Hadhari, thats your karma- being (back) stabbed and kicked out from office pre-maturely by your very own pseudo comrades. Once you are out of the office, see what your SIL will do. I will not sympathise for the pain you would have to go thru.
Najib, your karma-kicked out by the electorate in GE13! And see how you will be ostracised by your pseudo comrades.

29 Sep 2008 9.43am

Thanks Marina for the update…happy to hear that RPK is fine and tell WE LOVE HIM and GOD BLESS HIM WITH LONGLIFE and GOOD HEALTH…..RPK sir…..tc

29 Sep 2008 9.22am

Dear RPK, Happy Birthday and Selamat Hari Raya. May Allah Bless you give you good health and strength. May He shower you with blessings give you peace of mind, strengthen your spirit and give you hope. For you are special. In your honesty and forthrightness you have been made a victim of the forces of evil during the Holy month of Rhamadhan. This month has been desecrated and defiled by these forces just because you spoke up on the abuse of Islam by some quarters for their own benefit. Yes, sometimes the Merciful Allah tests good people. May he give… Read more »

Eagle has landed
Eagle has landed
29 Sep 2008 9.05am

How I wish that everyone always remember that we are just human being and will not be perfect as not to make any mistakes.But why those in power are so blind and arrogant and oblivious of the blatant abuse of power that have been going on right under their.. s***….
Time will tell but as it is now just do it and RELEASE ALL ISA DETAINEES.

Johnny Cheah
Johnny Cheah
29 Sep 2008 8.41am


29 Sep 2008 6.15am

Nothing can stop an ideology,when it!s time has come.Truth,Faith and Hope will see us thru!U can chain the MAN but not the spirit.The only PERMANENT thing is CHANGE.Best wishes and may god bless u and ur family.Selamat Hari Raya Aidil Fitri Ma!af Zahir dan Batin.”MANSUHKAN ISA,”satu pertahan isa,setapak lagi berdekatan perkuburanmu”Taubatlah UMNO,Negarani bukan negara keluargamu.wasalam.

29 Sep 2008 4.33am

Good to read Marina’s report, thanks for sharing this, Anil. Part of us has been arrested & detained along with RPK. May he be the LAST person against which this evil antiquated law is used… the whole nation is counting on the conscience of all Barisan MPs who have promised to abandon the irredeemable Umno/BN government. WE DON’T WANT

29 Sep 2008 2.50am

Damn you Anil. You made me cry, something I’ve not done for a long while! 🙂

old fart
old fart
29 Sep 2008 2.30am

Pete, we will always be here with you in thoughts and spirit! Be STRONG!

29 Sep 2008 2.00am

27 September 2008 adalah Hari Jadi Blogger Terkenal dan juga Mangsa Kekejaman ISA, Raja Petra Kamarudin.
Saya berharap agar RPK dibebaskan secepat mungkin!

RPK Malaysian will stand behind you!

Lets sign the petition…

Free Raja Petra Kamaruddin, Teresa Kok and Others Held Under the Internal Security Act


29 Sep 2008 12.59am

I have never met RPK ever but always wanted too. Looks like i need to wait a little longer too meet him and i hope that all Malaysians will lobby his cause. He is my definition of freedom of speech and inspires many! I hope he is in good health and he is released soon!

Selamat Hari Raya RPK and family and Malaysia is on your side!